Rakhi Sawant Is A ‘Certified Virgin’ After Accusing Tanushree Dutta Of Raping Her! HOW?
Rakhi Sawant, Deepak Kalal and Tanushree Dutta (Picture Credits: Rakhi, Deepak and Tanushree's Instagram Account)

Rakhi Sawant literally shook the nation yesterday, when she announced her wedding with India's Got Talent 8 fame Deepak Kalal. Yes, and even as we were having a hard time believing the news, a wedding invite that Rakhi shared on her Instagram account does suggest that she and Deepak will be tying the knot on December 31, in Los Angeles. And while Instagram is breaking with videos of the duo 'conversing through posts' on the app, Rakhi seems to have invited film stars and politicians alike to her wedding.  Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal Announce Their Wedding So It's Time for Us to Leave This Planet

We all woke up this morning to news of how Rakhi's hubby-to-be was 'extremely proud' of the lady for having got a virginity test done and come out clean. Deepak also revealed how a certain Dr. Chudariya, had inspected Rakhi for 3 hours and certified her for her ‘outstanding celibacy’. He also uploaded his own ‘virginity’ certificate. And these were revelations and clarifications that we or anybody did not request them for. Dear Deepak Kalal, Rakhi Sawant’s Virginity Certificate Is Something No One Asked For – View Pics

But what also got us wondering was – how can Rakhi claim to be a virgin, when she accused actress Tanushree Dutta of ‘Raping’ her not so long ago? We all remember how Rakhi got into the middle of the whole #MeToo case going on between Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta and came to the former’s defence. In fact, Rakhi called a huge press conference where she alleged that she was repeatedly raped by Tanushree. See the video below:

Well, while we do not need to spell out the obvious about why we even got this doubt in the first place, the question remains. And it is now a statement that only Rakhi and her doctor can clarify. Oh... wait! Does this mean that Tanushree Dutta 'DID NOT' rape Rakhi after all?