Elnaaz Nourouzi is gearing up for the second season of Sacred Games and is hella excited for the same. While the future looks really promising for her, she recently encountered a bitter experience at Chicago international airport. The actress was detained by officials and their interrogation lasted for as long as 3 hours. We all are aware of the stringent airport rules in the US and how actors of a particular religion are questioned for the same. After Riz Ahmed recently revealed details of his 'horrible' experience, Elnaaz was unfortunate to go through the same.  #MeToo: 'He Touched My Butt, and Dragged Me Towards Himself, Elnaaz Norouzi Accuses Vipul Amrit Shah of Sexual Harassment.

"I had to stay in immigration for more than 3 hours or so and I was stopped by the officers to board my connecting flight. I hold a German passport and so I do not require a visa to travel to the United States. But due to my Iranian roots, I applied for a normal visa as Trump has put some ban on Iranis and they do not get ESTA anymore and that's why they wanted to double-check on everything," she said in her conversation with a portal. Sacred Games Star Elnaaz Norouzi: I Was Born In Iran But I Am 'Made In India' - Watch Exclusive Video Interview!

The actress had a connecting flight from the Chicago airport. However, due to this lengthy interrogation, she had to miss the same. "I was made to wait and they asked a lot of questions and due to the lengthy interrogation session, I missed out on my connecting flight. The next flight was after 6 hours so I had to wait at the airport for quite long and it felt like this journey was never-ending," she added. The actress wants to meet some agents in LA for her Hollywood dreams and she ensures that she'll get it done during this trip.

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