Air France Flight AF225 Delhi to Paris Staff Requests 26 Passengers to Voluntarily Disembark Due to Technical Glitch, Watch Video
File photo of Air France planes (Photo: middleeastmonitor)

New Delhi, July 10: In a video shared by ANI, the staff of Air France flight AF225 from Delhi to Paris can be seen asking 26 passengers to voluntarily disembark. The reason cited was their checked-in luggage need to be offloaded for the plane to be able to take off, due to a technical problem. Air India Revokes Ban on Zam Zam Water From Two Flights, Allows Haj Pilgrims to Carry it Under Permissible Limit.

In another news, Air India apologised to its passengers on Tuesday, says passengers can carry the holy water within the permissible limit. The airline received huge flak after there was news that the airline had banned ZamZam cans in 2 Jeddah flights.

Watch the video here:

In the letter to the Union Minister, Patel wrote, as reported by The Times of India, "Zam-zam is sacred water and has religious significance. It is believed to be so blessed that it can cure illnesses. Hajis must be allowed to carry them. Hajis must be allowed to carry them."