The disturbing consequences of the virus left us all in a dilemma, but the ones who were most affected by the situation are the small business owners. After losing a massive number of its audience to the outbreak, it is tough to survive given the falling outreach and sales engagement. To curb the issue of marketing, digital space offers a colossal number of ways to establish and promote business online. Thereafter, maneuvering the art of commercialization, Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley has been able to service business owners and individuals around the globe to boost their sales by reaching out to their targeted audience.

Kekoa MacAuley is an entrepreneur and the founder of Esquared Media LLC, a data-oriented firm that provides effective solutions to marketing problems. The company works personally with its clients and formulate a solution as per the need of the customer and strategize success through engagement. This sophisticated system works well with Kekoa MacAuley's expertise by bringing drastic changes in sales. Esquared Media LLC has served over 500 clients, including entrepreneurs, high-ticket coaches, plastic surgeons, fashion bloggers, non-profits, and fitness over 3 years.

Kekoa McAuley is a senior at the prestigious Vanderbilt University. He began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15 as a YouTuber. After garnering a substantial audience and learning about various aspects of the business, he decided to venture into marketing by establishing his firm. He was always fascinated by SEO, content creation, and other growth techniques and thus he pursued business. He credits his parents for their support and encouragement while following this unconventional path. Kekoa MacAuley encountered numerous hurdles during the inception of his business. Recalling the same he says, he was vulnerable and clueless during the initial times. As he faced failures, he was reluctant to change his methods or invest in something else which made him prone to subsequent failures.

Kekoa MacAuley is an inspiring individual. Given his numerous accomplishments at such an early age, we can say he is the icon for budding entrepreneurs. He believes, finding the right passion which can help your personal development will lead you to a successful life. Moreover, understanding customers and building an aura of familiarity and peace for them is one of the pivotal values of a business.