The true indicator of success is mostly sighted to be inborn. With the right direction of insight and the right texture of appeasement, one might fluently win the battle with just raw hands. We have Fahad Sharif, the name accompanied with tags of inspiration and motivation, teaching us all to get up every time when we fall.

Fahad Sharif, is a social media activist, born in the city of lights Karachi, Pakistan, has indeed gained an incredible amount of success at just the age of 22 years and earns 7 figure income per month from multiple businesses. Fahad Sharif is the co-founder and CEO of Alecto Media LLC, which is a digitalized marketing company, UK-based and Travel Mag Pakistan Ltd., which was initially founded by him.

With the presence of his innovative business mind, he has been successful in inflaming the success rate and strength of his business foundation. To keep up with the trend, to be more clear being the trend themselves, Fahad Sharif and his agency has used the means of fame of memes, sarcasm and humor as an actual methodology for promoting activities and declaring success.

Who denies that with the presence of the right amount of intensity and determination, one can ever lose his way and be obstructed towards his goals? Having embedded a strategically working brain, with great insights flavoring every impact deep is enough to have fruits ripened Albright. Fahad Sharif plays the role of a savior helping plenty of lives concerning their digital credibility and appearance, by helping them design their face digitally.

Life is certainly unpredictable for all. No one can actually know what it has kept ready for us in our next few steps. Fahad Sharif is our live example showing and teaching us that whatever be the need, whatever be the day one should never forget to rise even if he falls night and day.