Entrepreneurship has always been one of the qualities we admire most in people we share. It’s for that reason that we’ve always aimed at interviewing people from various sectors, but who all share that quality. Entrepreneurs are the people who see opportunity and seize it in the moment. Those who know how to use what they’re given to build something great for themselves, and we seek them out, precisely because we know how much there is to learn from such people.

One such person is the great young Aidan Ranzieri, founder of Next Level Growth Agency. At only fifteen years old, Aidan is one of the hottest names in the social media growth business, and that’s part of the reason we wanted to talk with him. That, and his insanely inspiring attitude.

“Talking to people that are at a higher place than me, is always so knowledgeable, and I love giving knowledge to people that are looking to get started and are working on their businesses.”

As any entrepreneur will tell you, making a name for yourself is a difficult enough task at any age, let alone one so young. Yet Ranzieri knew how to use his own social media experience to build and inspire. Back in 2019, Ranzieri became quite the Internet sensation when some of his TikTok videos went viral, garnering the acclaim of tens of millions of users.

However, he quickly realized his main passion was for the behind-the-scenes work. What Ranzieri enjoys most is working with a client, be it a business or some hot influencer, to build a brand and solidify their reputation.

“I wish I could have avoided the part of me that was only caring about the money, because in the beginning, as many people resonate with, I really got into business, because of the opportunity and financial freedom aspect. Although you may get into this business to make money, if you only focus on making money, you’re not going to last. I feel the customer is the most important person in my mind. You have to strive to make the customer as happy as they can be.”

It’s this sense of responsibility toward the customer that makes Ranzieri such an asset to the Chicago community, of which he’s becoming a rather prominent figure.

“I love helping the community and all I do is help. For example, if I'm on a call with a potential client and they don't meet the guidelines or have the money to pay for my services, I will give them the opportunity to come under my wing and learn how to sell and learn how to close and give them an opportunity to make money for free. It's a great way for people to get experience, and experience / knowledge is what's going to differentiate everyone from each other. It is what differentiates the real from the fake entrepreneurs.”

What’s fascinating about Next Level Growth Agency is that it’s so obviously implicated in what it’s doing, you have no doubt it’s going to go far.