Surat's Lady Don Asmita Gohil Arrested by Gujarat Police
Surat's 'Lady Don' Asmita Gohil (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Surat, May 25: A 20-year-old ‘Lady Don’ Asmita Gohil and her friend have been arrested by the Gujarat Police. According to the Police, Gohil was arrested for threatening a shopkeeper, extorting Rs. 500 and forcing him to shut his shop in Gujarat. In the CCTV footage of Varsha Society in Surat's Varachha, Gohil can be seen with her friend Rahul threating a shopkeeper. The 20-year-old lady don threatened him with a sword after which he closed his shop.

Many times before also Asmita Gohil had threatened people with a weapon. Earlier in March, a video of Asmita went viral. In the video, it was seen that she was abusing and wielding a billhook blade and her friend Sanjay Gohil holding a kitchen knife during a quarrel with a group of men on Holi. That time they were charged by the police for inciting riots. The Police arrested both of them, but later were released on bail. Here is the video of the lady don brandishing a machete like looking weapon openly on the road:

According to a report published in NDTV, In another case, Asmita along with her partner Kalia was involved in snatching a bike. Her activities earned her the title of "Surat's Lady Don". On her Facebook profile, she has posted various photographs in which she is flaunting pistols, swords and knives. She has also uploaded photos posing with expensive cars and bikes.