BJP Leader Giriraj Singh Says India Will Witness One More 1947 in 2047 if Population of Divisive Forces is Not Controlled
Union Minister Giriraj Singh | File Photo | (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, October 17: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Giriraj Singh sparked another controversy on Wednesday by stating that the population explosion which led the partition of the country in 1947, might lead to similar conditions in 2047. Singh also said that people from JNU-AMU who speaks in favour of anti-nationals and speak about the division will do it. Adding further he said that the population in the last 72 years have increased from 33 crores to 136 crores. Rahul's Visit to Shiva Temples Political Gimmick: Giriraj Singh.

Giriraj Singh on Tuesday tweeted, "In 1947, the country was divided on the basis of religion, again it will be the situation till 2047." He further said, "People from JNU-AMU who talk in favour of anti-nationals and speak about division. In 72 years the population increased from 33 crores to 136 crores. The population explosion of divisive forces is frightening. There should be a movement against the village-city-city to safeguard the country.'

The Union Minister also raised an alarm on the Ayodhya issue and said the while the majority of Muslims are in favour of Ram temple construction but the Congress and other political parties are misguiding them. Congress Bihar president Madan Mohan Jha while reacting to Giriraj's statement told The Telegraph, “Giriraj is in the habit of issuing controversial statements that cause social tension.”