Indore, November 30: There was a time when roosters used to wake the people up at the early dawn. Soon alarm clocks replaced the roosters and they became an "inconvenience" to humans. In one such case, a doctor in Indore has filed a complaint against his neighbour because he was annoyed by the early morning wake-up call of the rooster. Chennai Shocker: Man on His Way To 'Sacrifice' Rooster To Ward Off 'Evil Eye' Falls Into 20-Foot-Deep Pit, Dies; Bird Survives.

As per the reports, the doctor and his neighbour are residents of the Palasia area of the city. However, the complainant got annoyed by the crowing of his neighbour's rooster. The police said that they will first try to talk to both parties and if the matter is not resolved, they could take legal action. The complainant, Doctor Alok Modi, has also said that the man has kept four dogs that keeps barking. Uttar Pradesh: Family Organises 'Terahvin' to Mourn Death of Pet Rooster After It Dies Trying to Save Master’s Lamb From Stray Dog; 500 Attend.

The complainant, further said that he returns home late at night, hence sleeping late. The rooster starts crowing early in the morning which gets him annoyed. The police said that they will soon approach both parties to discuss the issue and find a solution to the problem. "If the problem persists, action will be taken under section 133 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC)," a cop said.

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