Petrol and Diesel Prices in India on February 10, 2020; Check Rates in Mumbai, Delhi and Other Metro Cities
Petrol Price In India | Representational Image | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Mumbai, February 10: Petrol and diesel price in India were further slashed for the fifth consecutive day on Monday. The price of petrol was cut by 13-16 paise a litre and that of diesel by 16-20 paise a litre across all major cities in India. According to the official website of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the price of petrol was Rs 77.76 per litre in Mumbai, Rs 72.10 per litre in Delhi, Rs 74.74 a litre in Kolkata and Rs 74.90 a litre in Chennai after the price cut. Meanwhile, diesel was priced at Rs 68.19 per litre in Mumbai, Rs 65.07 per litre in Delhi, Rs 67.39 per litre in Kolkata and Rs 68.72 a litre in Chennai.

Since January 1, 2020, the fuel prices in India have so far become cheaper by around Rs 3 a litre. Reports inform the drop in fuel prices is because the international crude prices fell due to demand slump. Moreover, the outbreak of coronavirus, which killed over 900 people in China, the crude oil prices continued to decline as spectre of excess supply loomed over the market as demand in China was hit. Check Full Date-Wise List of Fuel Price in India.

Check Petrol & Diesel Price in Metro Cities on February 10, 2020:

Metro Cities Petrol Price/ Ltr Diesel Price/ Ltr
Mumbai Rs 77.76 Rs 68.19
Delhi Rs 72.10 Rs 65.07
Chennai Rs 74.90 Rs  68.72
Kolkata Rs 74.74 Rs 67.39

The prices of petrol and diesel are reviewed by oil marketing companies on a daily basis. Price revisions are implemented at the fuel stations with effect from 6 am. On Sunday, petrol was sold at Rs 72.23 a litre in Delhi, Rs 77.89 a litre in Mumbai, Rs 74.92 a litre in Kolkata and Rs 75.04 a litre in Chennai.  Similarly, diesel was priced at Rs 65.23 a litre in Delhi, Rs 68.36 a litre in Mumbai, Rs 67.59 per litre in Kolkata and Rs 68.89 a litre in Chennai.