PM Narendra Modi: “Digital payment ko haan, nakad ko na' Can we make this our motto? Let us increase the use of digital payments all over the country.

Go to 10 New Indian destinations, says PM Narendra Modi to encourage Tourism. He says, "Explore India first and travel to new places in India."

Can we free India from single-use plastic? Time for implementing this idea is now. Let an important step in this direction be made on 2nd October, says PM Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi Announces Chief of Defence Staff. The role of CDS will be to reform and strengthen forces.

Today, the Government in India is stable, the policy system is predictable. The world is eager to trade with India. We are working to keep prices under check and speed up development. The fundamentals of our economy are strong.

We will fight those exporting terror. India is waging a war against terror, and we will fight to eradicate terror, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Every district should be an export hub. We will have to capture the global market and increase exports, says PM Narendra Modi. 

We have reached $3 trillion economy in 5 years. We went from $3 trillion in 5 years, says PM Narendra Modi. 

I always ask this question..can we not reduce the interference of Governments in people's lives? Let our people have the freedom to follow their own aspirations. We have abolished a lot of laws, says PM Narendra Modi. 

Every effort towards removing corruption and black money is welcome. These are issues that have plagued India for 70 years. Let us always reward honesty. We will have to take a big leap and move ahead irrespective of criticism, says PM Modi.

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New Delhi, August 15: On the occasion of Independence Day today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unfurl the national flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi. After hoisting the tricolour, PM Modi will address the nation. His speech will highlight achievements by his government in the recent past along with outlining the challenges ahead. President Ram Nath Kovind's Address to Nation on Eve of Independence Day 2019: 'Confident That Recent Changes For Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh Will Greatly Benefit Residents There'.

Modi will first pay tributes to Mahatama Gandhi at 7 am at Rajghat. From 7:30 am, he will address the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Live coverage of the celebrations have started at 6:30 am. The Prime Minister's speech and the proceedings from the Red Fort will be broadcast live on television as well as streamed live on the Internet. Viewers Can Watch Live Streaming of Independence Day Parade And PM Modi's Full Speech on Doordarshan YouTube Channel Directly via Google Search.

Viewers will be able to watch the full parade and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech live on Doordarshan's Youtube channel, and the link to this feed will be made available on Google Search -- both mobile phones and desktop when users search for ‘India Independence Day’.

On the eve of Independence Day 2019 on Wednesday, President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the nation. Speaking on Article 370 abrogation and Jammu and Kashmir bifurcation, the President said, "I am confident that the recent changes for Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will greatly benefit the residents there."