Digvijay Singh Misses Out of Polling in Phase 6 of Lok Sabha Elections 2019, Says 'I Regret'
Congress leader and Bhopal LS candidate Digvijay Singh. (Photo Credit: ANI)

Bhopal, May 12: With the polling for 59 Lok Sabha seats in Phase 6 almost over, Congress candidate and party's senior leader missed to cast his vote in the festival of democracy. Speaking to the reporters he expressed his regret of not being able to cast his vote.

Expressing his regret of not being able to cast his vote, he said to teh reporters, "Yes I couldn't go to vote to Rajgarh and I regret it. Next time I will register my name in Bhopal." Earlier in the day, he had said that he would try to reach Rajgarh to vote for the Lok Sabha polls. He had said, "I will see. I will try to reach." PM Narendra Modi Attacks Digvijay Singh in Khandwa Rally, Says Congress's 'Havans' and 'Janeu' Won't Wash Their Sins of Accusing Hindutva With Terrorism. 

Here's the Tweet:

It is to be known that Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hit out at him, stating that 'havans' and 'Janeu' won't wash his sins of accusing Hindutva with terrorism. Adding on, PM Modi also accused him of not bothering about the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy and letting the accused flee the country.