PM Narendra Modi Attacks Digvijay Singh in Khandwa Rally, Says Congress's 'Havans' and 'Janeu' Won't Wash Their Sins of Accusing Hindutva With Terrorism
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses an electoral rally in Khandwa on Sunday. (Photo Credit: ANI)

Bhopal, May 12: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hit out at senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh stating that 'havans' and 'Janeu' won't wash their sins of accusing Hindutva with terrorism. PM Modi also blamed Congress for the Bhopal gas tragedy and stated that the then ruling party of not bothering about the victims.

Addressing the rally, PM Modi said, "Ye kitne bhi havan kara dein, kitne bhi janeu dikha dein, ye police ko bhi bhagwa dress silva dein, lekin bhagwa mein jo aatankwad ke daag lagane ki unhone sajish ki hai, us paap se ye Congress ya 'mahamilavati' kabhi nahi bach paayenge (They (Congress) can do as many 'Havans' they want, show Janeu, make police wear saffron clothes, but cannot wash the sins of accusing saffron with terror activities)." Narendra Modi Trains Guns at Opposition After Forces Kill 2 Militants in Kashmir, Says 'They Will Question Why Modi Killed Terrorists During Polling'. 

Adding on, the Premier also targetted Congress on the 1984 Anti Sikh riots and Bhopal gas tragedy. He said, "1984 mein Sikho ke saath atyachaar hua, katleaam hua, ye kehte hain, hua to hua. Bhopal mein hazaro logo ko jahrili gas ke hawale kar diya, kayi pidhiyo ko barbad kar diya gaya,gunehgar ko bhaga diya gaya,agar aaj unko puchoge to yahi kahenge hua to hua. Log mare to mare. (Congress says what happened in 1984 Anti-Sikh riots was past and one should move on. The poisonous gas tragedy killed generations in Bhopal. When you ask them (Congres), they will say 'what happened, happened'. The let the accused flee)."

It is to be known that a controversy erupted a couple of days ago when Congress leader Sam Pitroda, while commenting on 1984 Anti-Sikh riots, had said that 'what happened, happened'.