Have you ever considered investing in art but found yourself intimidated by the wide market, with the art being out of reach? Well, rest assured, you’re not alone. In this industry marked by prestige and exclusivity, having access to the works, especially a masterpiece, can often turn out to be quite the challenge. You need a guide, someone with experience, and connections. Monica Kalpakian has been assisting people do just that for the past 30 years.

Throughout her career as an art patron and collector, Monica has always seen art as much more than a simple object, rather an idea with infinite possibilities. “Art is more than just colors on a canvas, art shifts perspectives, alters surroundings, and stimulates undiscovered senses. It’s about expressing emotions, telling stories, and building rapport across time and space”.

Having worked as a psychologist for over a decade, prior to her career in the arts, Monica developed a way to go beyond art’s physicality, often utilizing it to enhance a person’s lifestyle, to connect with aspects of oneself that come to life after being inspired by a painting, sculpture, photograph, or video.

Over the years, Monica has had the opportunity to work side by side with some of the world’s most prestigious art galleries, artists, private dealers, auction houses and institutions, allowing her to acquire unique works of art she carefully added to her & her clients’ collections. Her many years of experience have enabled her to construct a solid international network she brings into service for her clients. Such connections have allowed Monica to affiliate herself with various world-renowned museums and institutions:

  • Tate Modern, International Council (since 2015) & Acquisitions Committee (since 2004)
  • Art Basel Miami, Founding Member (since 2001)
  • Bass Museum, Board Member & Adulation Committee (4 years)
  • MOCA Miami, Board Member (1997-2011)

Monica's most recent venture, Artvising, is an art advisory & consultancy firm she founded in 2010, currently operating in Miami, NYC, and London, catering to select clients only. By understanding their clients’ desires and passions, the intricacies of the current market, Artvising helps them build a unique and valuable art collection.

Artvising helps you acquire aesthetically, emotionally, and psychologically fitting, sound investments, while taking care of every step of the journey, right from exploration & selection to transaction & logistics. Artvising also offers a variety of art and more.