Ayesha Ziya Fragrances is a luxury perfumery that encompasses Middle Eastern aromas and ingredients into many sumptuous fragrances, all with their own unique characteristics.

Ziya is the Founder and CEO of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances, which was established 6 years ago and is based in her hometown of Preston, England. Ayesha has recently expanded her fragrance empire to the grand city of Dubai, opening her second office to broaden her target audience.

Although the Middle Eastern areas of the world are where her main customer retention resides, she is continuously striving to promote and market her products to a worldwide audience within Europe and Beyond. With her thoughtful and innovative range of beloved fragrances with bountiful renditions of Arabia carefully tailored within her six fragrances, gift sets and the beautifully created velvety bakhoor burner, only time can tell when a flood of international customers will flock to try Ziya’s prized aromas.

It is only a matter of time before customers flock towards Ayesha’s scented perfumes. With her thoughtful, meticulously crafted innovative range of fragrances with bountiful renditions of Arabia, all tailored into seven fragrances, gift sets and exemplary bakhoor (incense) burners, Ayesha Ziya Fragrances continue to captivate customers’ senses on a global


“Love the craft and the art behind marrying exotic and tranquil oils and scents to create enticing fragrances” says Ayesha, to herself whilst investing her heart and soul into market research of the traditional and sensory offerings that the Middle East has to offer, which in turn is why her seven perfumes are all individually so uniquely elegant.

Ayesha’s profound passion for perfumery dates back to her childhood, as she would intently watch her mother mix perfume oils. Daydreaming about why her mother would mix perfume oils thus leading to confusion whilst simultaneously creating a sense of curiosity. As the years passed by, she began to understand the very fine intricacies of modern perfumery.

Studying perfumery in college she began to master the delicate balance of harmonising different scents and aromas. She admits and feels privileged every day to be gifted with the skill of understanding the fine line between a delicate yet complex career.

Running a luxury business can’t be easy on your own entrusting a robust and loyal group of personnel to help her along her journey. Ayesha’s core family values have now been instilled within her business as she proudly refers to her team, as family promoting a culture of trust and optimism.

Never beating around the bush, Ayesha’s journey has been far from plain sailing. Working hard, usually around the clock and seven days a week in pursuit of making her dreams areality, saying that “trusting your heart but also listening to your head, whilst also having the mental strength to overcome challenges and setbacks is a challenge in itself”.

Her achievements tells the tales of her success from celebrity beauty icons with the likes ofmHuda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Olivia Bowden all endorsing Ziya’s fragrances.

Ziya’s perfumes have also been featured in the mainstream Vogue, GQ and Home & Garden magazines. Moreover, Ziya’s success led her to one of her biggest achievements to date, winning Entrepreneur of the Year, which was a moment of self-satisfaction before quickly realising it was time to look onwards and upwards.

On a personal note, Ayesha started her journey from humble beginnings with no support from family or friends. She fondly recalls her father, a very successful businessman himself, his pessimistic views on her interest in starting up a perfume business.

This in turn, further amplified Ziya’s desire to prove herself and demonstrate her vision. On the other hand, was her mother, who Ayesha states was her main inspiration as she saw her mother as her mentor and best friend. With both contrasting opinions, this magnified Ziya’s desire to make her family proud.

Relying only on herself for help and assistance, her advice for anybody finding themselves in a similar situation is to “believe in yourself”, as you must work hard, take the time and dedication and implement that into every single day to achieve your dreams, as nothing comes out of something easy. Now with her thriving success, she believes that her attention and caring persona is also what furthered her career, saying that “attention is what makes us feel special and valued, ensuring that my customers felt that every step of the customer

lifecycle was key”. Ziya did this by utilising the modern tools known as social media, which allowed her to engage with people every day, ensuring their happiness. Ziya never forgets that without her followers, suppliers or customers she wouldn’t be where she is today without them.

Exciting times are ahead for Ayesha Ziya Fragrances, with Ziya expanding her fragrance collection even further throughout 2021. The hopes of the big move to Dubai will progress the succession of her fragrances to new levels, by having more access to Middle Eastern customers. Expansion throughout Canada is the next milestone for Ziya, with a brand-new Canadian distributor already in the works. Alongside, another collaboration with EG Group

where a new line of car fresheners with Ayesha Ziya will be launched within the upcoming months.

Finally, there is a lot more to be said about this intuitive and successful business and its founder. Look forward to a lot more exciting surprises throughout the year. So, let it be known that this company is one to keep an eye on.