Author Mardi Harjo’s award-winning book, Who’s Controlling You?: Encountering the Ultimate Connectedness, is seeing renewed interest in 2021. Harjo was inspired to write by the desire to show readers the power of Scripture and encourage them to personally experience the Revelation of God.

Christians and non-Christians alike will benefit from the wisdom in Harjo’s words. Harjo hopes that her work will help others desire a greater sense of identity, purpose, and freedom with a secure expectation of that wondrous eternal destiny that transcends the fallibility of self.

In Who’s Controlling You?, Harjo draws upon her own experiences with God’s gospel to highlight the living Person of the Holy Spirit. After losing time away and astray from the salvation of the Lord, Harjo encountered the Voice of Truth and renounced the emptiness of her former rebellious ways.

Reviewers describe Harjo’s work as “a substantial book” that isn’t afraid to express the truth with conviction and boldness. They praise Harjo’s willingness to confront complex issues that are often circumvented in discussions about faith. Who’s Controlling You? emphasizes the key role of transparency, humility, and self- accountability in unraveling the limitations of human beings' ability to know Truth apart from the Truth having first found them.

Mardi Harjo is an author, accomplished visual artist, and singer-songwriter with a passion for uplifting others through her art. She is blessed with children and grandchildren. When she isn’t writing, Harjo enjoys studying the Bible and praising God through music. She lives in rural Georgia with her husband Chumsey.

Who’s Controlling You?: Encountering the Ultimate Connectedness is available for purchase on, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books.