A VIP book signing event in East Hampton occurred last Saturday, June 12, when Chase Contemporary art gallery installed a large hyperrealist sculpture by Carole Feuerman right outside of their storefront. Feuerman's swimmers became the most emblematic works of the genre of hyperrealism in recent years. The collectors had a chance to purchase the iconic sculptures from the artist who was present at the gallery, chatting with the patrons and taking photos.

The event gathered the number of benefactors that could not fully fit into the gallery space, so people gathered in front of the store, coming in and out to meet the artist. The most extraordinary feature of Feuerman's exhibit, the giant sculpture of the swimmer, Survival of Serena, caused a massive explosion in the audience. Feuerman's outstanding skill in capturing moist skin that emerged from water grabbed the enormous attention of the public. Triple the life-size, the laying down female swimmer looked paradoxically and unbelievably realistic. The sculpture drew the attention of dozens of pedestrians who were shocked by the level of the sculpture's realism.

The New York City gallery, located in Manhattan, Chelsea, opened in East Hampton only a few weeks ago by entrepreneur Bernie Chase. The exhibition held major success and sold almost every Feuerman art piece it displayed during the show.