All his songs have touched the right chords of audiences and earned him much recognition for the same.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people and have taken them by surprise across the world, the rise and the emergence of new and dynamic professionals have made the most headlines. These individuals, especially the younger talent, have spellbound people with their unique talents and have become a source of inspiration for many other youngsters vying to make their mark in their chosen fields. Umar Manzoor is one such tremendously talented youngster in the world of music, who immersed himself in the art and proved his mettle as a modern-day musician with a very contemporary vibe and energy that effortlessly oozes through his music and singles.

The British Pakistani singer, songwriter and composer is a 30-year-old talent who always believed music gave wings to his dreams and gave him peace. Hence, Umar Manzoor dived deep in the ocean of music and created some rare musical gems like Bekhud, his hit-debut track in May 2020, followed by other hits like Ya Nabi, Khuda Ki, Madinay Ke Aaqa and Sukoon.

His excellence in his multilingual nature of music, particularly Arabic and Punjabi, has been well-received throughout the UK, South Asia and the Arab world. Massive success knocked his doors with his singles Ya Nabi and Sukoon gaining more than 200K views on YouTube. Today, this young musical talent aspires to inspire and connect with fans from all backgrounds through his music. At the age of 5, Umar Manzoor began his journey in music, undertaking extracurricular singing lessons, which ultimately led him to win many singing competitions and grow his online presence.

However, Umar Manzoor earned more respect and recognition, when in 2018, in loving memory of his mother, he founded 'Al-Fikr charity', an established charity that works across the UK and 8 countries globally, to carry out his mother's legacy by helping alleviate poverty around the world. Through inspiring acts of kindness and education, Umar Manzoor encourages selflessness through charity.

Umar Manzoor's passion for music and his altruistic nature has thrust him forward as a man of substance, adding value to the world.