“Beauty is the science of ratios"

"If beauty can be a lucky hazardous blossoming of art it must be a successful fulfilment of a premeditated plastic surgery procedure.”

These words are not from a poem, but reflect the philosophy and wisdom from a consummate professional and renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Bouraoui KOTTI!

In his new book, named “The Hidden Stories of the Breast”, Dr Kotti has pragmatically portrayed varied aspects of the plastic surgery, both in theory and practice.

Considering the different perspectives and outlook given to women’s body parts in the history as well as in present times, this book lucidly explains Dr. Kotti’s views and approach in this regard ranging from classifying breast ptosis, to the aesthetic considerations using golden proportions, or the new theory about sarcopenia genesis.

The book is an interesting mix of art, history, science and philosophy, providing reminiscences of earlier art works on the depiction of women’s body and the scientific recommendations including new practical approaches from Dr. Kotti on breast reduction, augmentation, reconstruction, breast lifting, and breast enhancement.

Published by Index of Sciences, Dr. Bouraoui Kotti’s book provides a captivating read about diverse aspects of the breast reduction and related plastic surgery, elaborating each of them with numerous examples and sample cases from his experience, with unmistakable clarity.

This comprehensive book is not just for plastic surgeons, but for any reader with an inquisitive mind who want to know more about the different breast conditions, and how the surgical experience and knowledge of Dr. Kotti in this field of plastic surgery can help in gaining new insights about breast surgery, beyond its generally-believed aesthetic considerations or beauty criteria.

About Dr. Kotti:

Dr. Kotti is a Laureate of the plastic surgery from Medical School of Tunis in the year 2000, and did his Clinical PhD from Nice Cote d’Azur Medical School, Sophia Antipolis University. He was also a former resident and fellow of the French hospitals and clinics in Nice Côte d Azur & Paris. Dr. Kotti served as the Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon in “Salah Azaiz” institute, the Tunisian anti-cancer centre in the years 2009-2015, making valuable contributions in the fight against cancer. In 2010, Dr. Bouraoui Kotti became the first doctor of medicine, Arab and African, to be certified by the EBOPRAS (European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery).

Dr. Kotti has been engaged in research and knowledge pursuits in the field of Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive surgery, and has published many scientific-research papers to his credit or co-authored with research teams, in international journals such as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal, European Journal of Plastic Surgery, and Journal of Women’s Health and Development. He also served as editor and reviewer in the first editorial board of the new scientific journal, Plastic & Aesthetic Research, China/India in the year, 2014.

Dr Kotti has academic and honorary memberships in many national and international institutes, societies, and boards of Medicine such as American Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery ASAPS, Emirates Plastic Surgery Society (SOTCPRE), STCE (société tunisienne de chirurgie esthétique), and the prestigious International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), of which Dr Kotti was the national secretary between 2014-18. Dr. Kotti has been awarded with distinguished honours and awards such as the most outstanding cosmetic surgeon by the British Medical Live wire 2016 global awards, or the “Rising Star” for the 2012 issue of International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), to name a few.

Specialised in the field of Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive surgery and as an expert in this field, Dr. Kotti is presently practicing in private setting in Tunis as a consultant in plastic surgery, with a visiting position to the American Academy of Cosmetic surgery in Dubai.