Fall 2021 will begin on Thursday, September 23 and end on Tuesday, December 21 and this is the season of PSLs, Pumpkin Pies and the crispy breeze blowing through the uneven clear and blue sky as the heat subsides. With skies covered in white clouds, happiness prevails everywhere. Also known as the autumn season, Fall also brings in dry skin and rough hair. So, if you want glowing skin, we have for you must-have beauty products for perfectly flawless skin. Fall 2021: From Ginger Pumpkin Soup to Maple Pumpkin Bread, 5 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes Perfect For Autumn. 


Sunscreen is a must during all seasons. Staying in sunlight for a long time can lead to wrinkles, therefore, sunscreen must be used before stepping out in the sun. Not using sunscreen before going out in the sun can badly damage your skin.

DIY Lip Balm

You can make your own DIY lip balm. All you have to do is melt the wax pellets in a double boiler until you get a smooth consistency. After getting the beeswax, add cocoa powder to it and mix until it becomes a smooth paste. After this, add your favourite essential oil and mix. Also, add raw honey and mix all the ingredients while beating well. Your lip balm is ready, after it cools down, keeps it in a container.

Shea Body Butter

Shea body butter is a must as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Its use can reduce skin diseases such as atopic dermatosis (AD) i.e. flaking of the skin and itching on it. In addition, it can also be helpful in protecting the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Applying moisturizer can help you get rid of dead skin cells and removes the signs of ageing. It helps reduces wrinkles and also gets rid of the problem of dry and oily skin. Moisturizer is a must for softer, healthier skin.


If you have any kind of problem in your skin, which you have been struggling with for a long time, then serum is the best skin agent to overcome this problem. Women who have healthy skin can also include serums containing vitamins and plant extracts in their daily routine. Try them every day.

Taking care of our skin is very important because it is the uppermost delicate layer of our body. It is also important to know what your skin type is and accordingly you must craft your skincare routine.

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