Rainbow Teeth is Instagram's Latest Weird Beauty Trend For Halloween 2018
Colourful teeth (Photo Credits: chromtoothpolish Instagram)

Weird Instagram trends will never cease to exist. You may desist seeing it, but these beauty tips do have an audience who religiously follow what their mentors do. With Halloween around the corner, new scary make up videos have once again sprouted up. And this time it is rainbow teeth that promises to make your Halloween even more colourful. After flaunting vibrant rainbow hair and nails, it is the teeth baring it all.

Gone are the days when you quickly rubbed off the lipstick that got stuck to your teeth by mistake, watch these beauties showing off their painted grin. These Puppies in Halloween Costumes are Awww-dorable! View Cute Pictures From Texas Foster Farm.

Here are some rainbow teeth lovers:


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Reports also state that there is a possibility that this look was inspired by rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. The American is known for his face tattoos, multicoloured teeth and hair! Mismatched Nails Are Easiest Instagram Nail Art You Can Follow! Check Pics


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And a brand named Chrom is already selling teeth polish which lasts upto 24 hours. David Silverstein, New York City-based brand creator of Chrom temporary tooth polish came up with the idea last year.


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Talking about it, David told New York Post, "We see this becoming commonplace — everything from a club vibe to an everyday workplace fashion accent. Perhaps you go to work with one tooth [that] matches your nail polish or your hair colour." He said that with the tooth polish is already a hit during the festival and his company will soon come out with a glitter line.