These Puppies in Halloween Costumes are Awww-dorable! View Cute Pictures From Texas Foster Farm
Puppies dressed in Halloween costume (Photo credits: Twitter/BlueHeronFarmTX)

Say Halloween and you will think of all things spooky, because isn't that how its supposed to be? But a dairy farm in Texas is ditching all the scare and going adorable this season. Blue Heron Farm in Houston is giving the internet a mush with their idea of Halloween costumes for puppies. The farm is fostering a momma dog and her litter of newborn puppies. And they are indeed doing it well with the season by dressing them up. You will leave everything you have at hand to just scroll through this cuteness! Dog Halloween Costume Ideas 2018: Easy an Quick Costume Inspiration for Your Furry Good Boy! 

Dog pictures and videos are adorable, no doubt, but what about puppies? The ones with skirts, bunny ears and sleepy eyes? They will definitely make you go all awww! These pups are just 3 weeks old and are not yet put up for adoption until a few more weeks until they are independent of their mother. But while the farm takes care of the litter, they are ensuring they make their natural cuteness more enchanting. Puppy School Graduates; Twitterati is Delighted to Share the Pics as Pets Proudly Wear Graduation Caps! 

View Pictures of Puppies Dressed in Halloween Costumes

Bow down to that cuteness!

Keep Your Head Calm!

Is That a Dog or a Squirrel?

These thorns don't itch

More cute fluffs!

Breakfast club adorbs!!

Oh My Yawn!

A ladybug that you'd want to play with all day!

These are just a few pictures but the farm is doing an entire series that goes on for 31 days! Using the minimum they are bringing out maximum cuteness, to say the least. These puppies are already winning hearts and we are sure once put up for adoption, people will only want to take them all. Forgetting all the spook, the Texa farm is adding all adoration to the Halloween this year.