Chhath Puja 2018 Sunset and Sunrise Timings in New York, Chicago, Houston, California, Toronto, Vancouver and Sydney: Know Sandhya Arghya and Usha Arghya Timings in US, UK and Australia
Women observing Chhat Puja (Photo credits: Facebook/Manoj Kr)

The celebrations of the Hindu festival of Chhath Puja are underway in the northern states of India. Primarily celebrated in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal it is a day which honours the Sun god and his consort Goddess Usha who is also referred to as Chhathi Maiya. They are respected for being a source of light and people pray and seek blessings for prosperity. The festival is one of its kind which revers Lord Surya and his greatness. Chhath Puja 2018 is being celebrated from November 11 and will go on till November 14.  People observe a strict fast and then make offerings to Sun god. To pray to the rising as well as the setting sun, the Sandhya Arghya (sunset) and Usha Arghya (sunrise) timings are very important. The Hindu festival is celebrated even across the borders. While Nepal celebrates Chhath Puja, Indians who have settled abroad in US, Canada and Australia also mark the festive celebrations. Those residing in Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Vancouver, New York, California or Sydney keep a tab on the sunrise and sunset timings to carry on with the celebrations. If you are looking for the Sandhya Arghya (sunset) and Usha Arghya (sunrise) timings, we give you a schedule of the timings in all the cities. Happy Chhath Puja 2018 Wishes: Best WhatsApp Messages, Stickers, Facebook Quotes, Statuses, GIF Photos to Send Chhathi Maiya Puja Greetings. 

The main days for Chhath Puja fasting are Sandhya Arghya on November 13 and Usha Argh or the Suryodaya on November 14. Women especially observe a fast but men too can keep it. Visiting the Chhath Ghat before the time of sunset and sunrise is important as witnessing the rising and setting sun is considered auspicious. People take a dip in the holy water, bow down to the Surya Shakti and Chhathi Maiya. Chhath Puja 2018 Sandhya Arghya and Usha Arghya Time in Patna, Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata.


City Sandhya Arghya on November 13 Usha Arghya on November 14
New York 04:41 PM 06:40 AM
Toronto 04:57 PM 07:08 AM
Chicago 04:34 PM 06:36 AM
Houston 05:28 PM 06:44 AM
California 04:53 PM 06:20 AM
Vancouver 04:35 PM 07:19 AM
Sydney 07:36 PM 05:43 AM

The Sun god is an important source of light and energy to everyone on earth and this festival is one such practice that respects the Lord Sun particularly and his consort. The setting sun is worshipped and on the next day, the rising sun is also prayed to. People usually head to a river bank or water tank or the sea to take a dip in the water and make their offerings. Special food items are also prepared to make an offering. People come together and wish each other for happiness and prosperity. We too wish you all a very Happy Chhath Puja!