Hindu Panchang says that Ganga Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha in Jyestha month which according to gregorian calendar falls June 1 this year.  On Ganga Dussehra, people bathe in the River Ganga or for people who can't they add Ganga water to their normal water and wash with it.  People also meditate by the Ganga river and it is said that a person can get rid of all their sins. The day is considered extremely auspicious and lucky! Devotees also donate as much as they can on this special day. Ganga Dussehra 2020 Date and Significance: Know History and Celebrations of Gangavataran or Ganga Dashara. 

Religious beliefs have it that a person's sins are erased by taking dips in River Ganga. The river is considered the most sacred river for Hindus and is also called mother. Goddess Ganga was said to have descended on this day on Earth. Therefore, Ganga Dussehra has special significance for devotees. However, there are ways this festival can be made extremely lucky for you. You can get rid of your sins and bring charm and positivity to your life. Here are a few ways! Ganga River Flows Clear as Crystal at Rishikesh! Watch Viral Video of Clean Running Water Near Lakshman Jhula.

The Ganga Mantra

Chanting the Ganga Mantra is said to bring in luck in your life. In Hindi, the mantra reads, 'ॐ नमो भगवति हिलि हिलि मिलि मिलि गंगे मां पावय पावय स्वाहा' यह गंगा जी का मंत्र है। English translation reads: 'Om Namo Bhagwati Hilli Hilli Mili Mili Gange Maa Pavay Pavay Swaha'. Recite the mantra aloud after bathing and Ganga water.


On this day, the devotees get up early in the morning and bathe in the holy waters of Ganga. After that in the evening, devotees also perform Ganga Aarti and offer flowers, diya, betel nuts, fruits and sweets in the holy river. This year you can do it at home with gangajal in a bottle to protect yourself from COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from this, many devotees also meditate on the banks of Ganga.

Ganga Dussehra Katha

It is believed that Bhagiratha's ancestors were cursed, due to which King Bhagiratha did severe penance to bring Ganga to Earth. Before coming to Earth, Goddess Ganga lived in Lord Brahma's kamandal.

Benefits of Ganga Jal

1. According to religious beliefs, anything can be purified by merely coming in contact with Ganga water.

2. According to the scriptures, if a dying person is given Ganga water all their sins are dusted.

3. Ganga water is said to have special properties that make it never spoil.

4. According to the scriptures, Ganga water must be used while worshipping as it truly reaches the god that way.

They take a dip of faith in the Ganges river on this day to get salvation. It is written in religious texts that a person attains salvation by bathing in the Ganges river, visiting the Narmada river and chanting the name of the river Kshipra. This year Ganga Dussehra will be celebrated a little differently as social gathering won't be allowed due to coronavirus pandemic. Please maintain social distancing and opt for bathing at home mixing your bathing water with Ganga jal.

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