Gudi Padwa 2021 is here! The Maharashtrian new year celebration holds immense importance amongst the festivities. On this special day, people do all the auspicious things, one of which is to make rangoli designs for Gudi Padwa 2021. The colourful patterns are a perfect way to ring in the Marathi new year and if you are looking for Gudi Padwa 2021 rangoli designs aka simple Ugadi kolam, dotted & floral rangoli pattern images and videos, we have compiled a few easy designs, with a video dedicated to each of them so that you can easily make it at your home! We have your back with the best rangoli pattern on Gudi Padwa such as Goddess Lakshmi footsteps, Kalash, swastika, mango motifs and different geometric shapes and designs.

Traditionally, rangolis were made using flour, coloured rice, sand or flower petals however, they have evolved and people have started to use various colours are also used to make the patterns look more vibrant.  Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the day of Hindu Nav Samvatsaram. It comes on the Shukla Pratipada of Chaitra month. It is also called Vars Pratipada or Ugadi. The new year begins from this day. Talking about the meaning of Gudi, it is a victory flag. It is believed that Shalivahana prepared an army of mud soldiers and defeated effective enemies. It is celebrated as a symbol of victory. While Ugadi is celebrated on this day in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, it is celebrated as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. On this day, Chaitra Navratri also begins. Let's know the date of Gudi Padwa, auspicious time and importance.

It is said that Gudi Padwa is a day when Lord Brahma created the Universe and rangolis hold special significance. Keep up your festive spirit and browse the fantastic DIY rangoli pattern videos to add unique structures to your Gudi Padwa 2021 rangoli designs. You do not have to be an artist or any pro to create a colourful Rangoli this Gudi Padwa. Here are some of the easiest ones:


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Watch Video: Unique Gudi Padwa Kolam Design


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Watch Video: Gudi Padwa 2019 Rangoli Pattern

Watch Video: Gudi Padwa Rangoli Design With Flower Petals

Many people go creative with the rangoli by adding rose petals, tulsi seeds, leaves and other flowers to the colourful Rangoli design. On this day, choose your favourite colours and try these simple rangoli designs to welcome the Marathi New Year. Apart from rangolis, many types of processions are organised on this day in Maharashtra. People wear new clothes on this day. Also enjoy the festival with friends and relatives. Many people make different types of traditional dishes like Puran Poli and Shrikhand etc. in their homes. Sweet rice is made in Maharashtra. These are called Saqqara Bhat. Rituals take place throughout the day, starting at sunrise on this day.

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