Mahisha Dasara 2018 Date: Mysuru Prepares to Celebrate Annual Festival on October 7
The statue of Mahishasura atop Chamundi Hills in Mysuru (Photo Credits: Heritage Mysuru/ Facebook)

The festivities are an essential part of our daily lives. Despite being religious, it also gives us a space to take a break from our everyday boring work schedule. As we enter October 2018, celebrations are at the queue. At first, Mysuru is gearing up to observe Mahisha Dasara on October 7, three before the Dasara celebrations kick off in the city. They pay homage to Mahishasura, who according to individuals stood for the development of people. Reportedly, the residents will celebrate the same atop the Chamundi Hills, where devotees will offer floral tributes to the giant statue. Mahalaya 2018: Date & Significance of the Day When Pitru Paksha Ends & Goddess Durga Descends On Earth. 

Most of us have grown up listening to the version where Mahishasura has been depicted as a demon. But many people, thinkers and writers claim the opposite. They instead believe Mahisha to be a great ruler who stood for the development of the people regardless of their religion and caste. He was a Buddhist monk, and during his rule, he strived and worked for the marginal section of the society in the region. Followers further suggest that Mahisha built the Mahisha Mandala and also encourage the Dravidian culture. At Chamundi Hills, there is a massive statue atop Chamundi Hills which portrays him as a demon holding a sword in one hand and snake in the other. Thinkers and writers are striving to pull down the statue and rather construct a depicting the “great ruler” as a Buddhist monk. Sharad Navaratri 2018: Nine Avatars of Goddess Durga, Navdurga Pictures, Mantras & Celebration Dates of Navratri Festival. 

The Mahisha Dasara Pratisthana Samithi has been celebrating Mahisha Dasara for a few years now. They reportedly do not get any financial support and hence urges the state government to take up the celebration of Mahisha Dasara similar to that of Mysuru Dasara. Writer and progressive thinker K S Bhagavan was quoted while addressing a press conference recently; “This year, the Mahisha Dasara is scheduled on October 7, and we request the state government to allot funds and conduct the Dasara similar to that of Mysuru Dasara, and we also urge the government to carry the portrait of Mahisha on an elephant and hold Jamboo Savari.”