If you're a workhorse, this is the day to earn some respite from relentless everyday tasks. If you're in denial or unaware of your workaholic ways, here are the signs to spot the; Logging in early, skipping meals, no breaks, can't turn off the working brain, staying past the closing hours and burning the midnight oil; Do you identify with any of these symptoms? If yes, then yep, you are a workaholic. And acceptance is the first step to recovery. National Workaholics Day is celebrated on July 5 each year.

Significance of National Workaholics Day

This day is dedicated to professionals who cant extricate themselves from the desk. It's a day that raises awareness about how workaholism can harm one's personal life and mental health. If work takes centre-stage in your life, while partners, family, kids, friends play second fiddle to your work life, then yes, it is a problem. This day encourages you to come to terms with your work addiction and probably work toward achieving a healthy work-life balance. Momos to Legumes, Surprising but Healthy Mood-Boosting Food Options for Workaholics!

Workaholism is not often viewed as a deal-breaker in many social circles. It is often encouraged, emulate, admired and deemed as a good work ethic. Let's face it, it makes your superior take note of your hard work and puts you in the front line for a promotion and a hefty payday. Which are all hunky-dory until they begin to take a toll on your mental health. If relentless work gives you joy, then that's your prerogative, But if you find it draining and a form of escapism, it is a cause for concern. If you think you are a workaholic, here's how you can put this day to good use.

You can take a day off to ruminate as to why you prefer work over other aspects of your life. Is it passion or is it a form of escapism? Take the day to pay attention to the other variables in your life you've neglected; Family, partner, kids and friends. Or take the day off and do nothing. Step back from the everyday hustle and just breathe. turn your brain off. Watch trashy reality tv. Read a book. Make lunch plans with friends. Just take a day off. If you're not a workaholic, celebrate the workaholics by encouraging them to play hooky for a day and them out to lunch. Happy National Workaholic Day, Folks.

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