Raksha Bandhan 2019 Special: What it Means to be Only Child on Raksha Bandhan
Raksha Bandhan as only child (Photo Credits: File Image)

It is a festive vibe all over the country as the Indian Independence Day is just a day away. But along with the tricoloured clothes, flags and similar displays on all shops, one cannot ignore the rakhis that are hung alongside. This year, two important festive occasions -- Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day -- fall on the same day. While both these festivals are celebrated with equal enthusiasm, for an only child, there is not much to look forward to for Raksha Bandhan. Yes, we do have cousins but as we grew up, we barely found time to meet or tie rakhis and have an elaborate celebration. So while others are out there, shopping for their brother/sister or preparing cards with heartfelt notes for their siblings, an only child is left wondering, "Who will tie me a rakhi? or "Whom should I tie a rakhi to?"

As an only child, I neither felt enthusiastic about Raksha Bandhan nor looked forward to this day. But then, when we saw others around us get gifts from their siblings, I must admit, a little jealousy crept in. Because who doesn't like gifts? Here's why Raksha Bandhan will always be bittersweet for only children.

Although in childhood, the festival served as a get-together time for families to come together and exchange gifts. Over the years, as we grew up, families also grew apart. These days, Raksha Bandhan is a lonely affair -- a tradition meant only for the siblings.

Although, there is no denying that being a lone child can instil a lot of confidence in you. Because you don't need brothers to protect you or sisters to depend on you. Being an only child can teach you to fend for yourself.

Having a brother or a sister wouldn't hurt much, but having grown up over the years without a sibling hasn't turned out too badly for us only children. We have had besties, friends and neighbours with us at all times and they have pretty much made up for the lack of a sibling.

At other times, we are completely fine not having a sibling but then its Raksha Bandhan, and the celebratory atmosphere can make us feel a little resentful. It's almost as bad as ending up without a single friendship band on friendship day, that's sad right?

But to all the lone children out there, a ceremonial string tied on the wrist cannot ensure you stay protected at all time. You have learnt to be on your own and that's your strength. This Raksha Bandhan, let us ensure independence from the thoughts of "Why do I not have a brother/sister/cousin around?"