Travel - it's something we have all cherished and missed over the past few years. The celebration of World Tourism Day 2021 is, therefore, more important than ever as the world finally opens up and the tourism industry in various parts of the world is beginning its work once again. World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 every year. Started as an international observance by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, World Tourism Day plays a key role in boosting tourism in countries, promoting all the heritage sites, and boosting the economy through people's increased interest in travelling. Here's everything you need to know about the celebration of World Tourism Day 2021, how to celebrate this day and more.

When is World Tourism Day 2021?

World Tourism Day 2021 will be celebrated on September 27, and this date was chosen since it marks the anniversary of the day that the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted in 1970. The main goal behind the celebration of World Tourism Day is to raise awareness about the role that tourism plays in the international community. Travel Jobs That Must Get Their Due Credit And Become Acceptable.

Significance of World Tourism Day

Tourism is the key source of income for various countries and cities. We have all heard about places known specifically for being tourist attractions. The celebration of World Tourism Day helps these places increase awareness on how tourists contribute to the economy and why it is essential. In fact, every year, World Tourism Day celebrations are focused on various themes that help narrow down the topic of conversation.

World Tourism Day 2021 Theme

The theme for World Tourism Day 2021 is 'Tourism for Inclusive Growth.' This theme tackles the struggles of the tourism industry and the importance of locals being at the forefront of it. The theme aims to increase awareness on how one can be respectful to one another, especially when travelling and the need to understand the cultures and traditions that are associated with places that one plans to visit. In 2019 the theme was "Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all" and in 2020 the theme was: "Tourism and Rural Development." Here's wishing everyone a Happy World Tourism Day 2021!

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