Having Sex to Deal With Cooler Temperatures? 10% Brits Are Making Out to Avoid Bills of Central Heating
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay)

It is the time for winter and as much as we all enjoy the coolness in the air, we look for a little warmth. The Brits have found the ultimate solution to seeking warmth from their partners. Getting cosy with your partner on a winter noon would sound like a good plan and that's what the Brits are engaging in. According to a recent study, one in ten Brits indulge in having sex and the reason is apparently a cost-saving measure. What is Average Number of Times Couples Have Sex Per Week? Here's What Experts Say.

A central heater in the home, which is another way of ensuring the heat stays in the house, is not that cost-effective. A new survey that was conducted recently revealed that in order to avoid the hefty bills, people are indulging in having sex. 10% of the British people have sex to create the desired warmth in the colder days. So instead of turning on the heater, they prefer turning on their chemistry. Sex is Better in Hotel Rooms! Why Should Couples Go Out and Make Love, Reveals Science.

The survey was conducted by Hometree deriving ways people use to save money on central heating. In the results, about 63% of the people wore an extra layer of clothes. 39% of the people prefer going to bed early so that they can avoid the cold. The lesser popular options were to leave the oven open after cooking, while 10% of the people said having sex. 8% of people prefer exercising at home.

Simon Phelan, Founder and CEO of Hometree, was quoted to The Mirror, "As temperatures fall, we found people go to great lengths to avoid putting the heating on. Each home has its different ways of keeping warm, from extra jumpers to hot water bottles and everything in between." But the point was emphasising on how people are concerned about their rising bills. Many people cannot bear the costs of central heating and are opting to various measures to ensure they stay warm.