Breast Cancer Symptoms: Strange Signs of the Disease That Aren't Lumps
Underarms (Photo Credits: Needpix)

If you have not been living under the rocks, you know that an unusual lump on the breast is one of the biggest giveaways that you could be suffering from breast cancer. However, apart from your regular mammograms and check-ups, it is also important to pay attention to certain subtle signs that don't involve the typical lump-highlight. Keep a track of what they generally look like or feel like, so you can report any changes to the doctor. Here are some of the most surprising signs.

There Is a Strange Tickling Sensation on the Breasts

Not always will your breast show internal symptoms, sometimes they can show external symptoms too. If you get a tickling or a prickly sensation or if you feel like your breast milk is letting down when you are not breastfeeding, you may just want to report it to the doctor. All may not be well if you are experiencing strange sensations in your breasts that are abnormal and recurring.

Your Breast Skin Is Dimply, Patchy, and Scaly

If you notice any changes in the normal appearance of your breasts, pay attention. Get yourself checked if there is a rash, dimpling or puckering of your breast skin. Breast Cancer Early Detection & Diagnosis: Easy Methods to Identify the Disease

You Can't Face the Stream in The Shower

Does your breast feel painful when you have to face a stream of water in the shower? Or did your bra suddenly started irritating your breasts? If you think that your breasts have become more sensitive than normal, it could signal cancer. Breast Cancer Could Spread to Bone If Exposed to Dim Night-Light

Your Nipples are Unusually Itchy

You might need to scratch especially when you have been wearing a tight bra whole day, but if your nipples itch all day, it is time to get them checked. Several factors like yeast infection and allergies can make your breast itch, but rare breast cancer can also cause a dry, red, and itchy rash to appear around your nipples.

You Have Swollen Armpits

Your breast tissue extends along the side of your chest and up into your armpits. So if your armpits feel swollen or painful, give your doctor a call. While armpit discomfort is a common complaint and there may be nothing to worry, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your breasts. Breast Cancer and Mental Health: 5 Psychological Effects Seen in Survivors

You Have a Zit That Doesn't Heal

Pimples on breasts are anyway uncommon, but if you notice a zit on your breast that just won't heal, it could signal something alarming. Zits, sores or bruises that take time to heal can signal breast cancer and should be checked by the doctor.

Neck pain, back pain, and unexpected weight loss are other changes that are not related to your breasts and should be checked. Remember that your health is in your own hands and you are responsible for early detection.