‘Eat Human Meat to Fight Climate Change,’ Says Swedish Scientist Who Endorses Cannibalism to Save the Planet
Cannibalism (Photo Credits: Max Pixel)

Say what? Swedish scientist recommended a rather unorthodox method to combat climate change – cannibalism. Magnus Söderlund who was speaking at the Stockholm summit last week explained to the shocked listeners that eating human flesh can help save human race from a certain doom caused by climate change. The economics professor reportedly said that human meat from dead bodies can be a sustainable solution for environmental problems. He added that conservative attitudes and mental block towards eating human flesh can change overtime if people could bring themselves to taste it once.

According to the New York Post, the shocking statement was made at the Gastro Summit during the panel talk “Can You Imagine Eating Human Flesh?” Söderlund endorsed the idea of eating human meat as a method to save the earth. He said that cannibalism could be a sustainable way to food scarcity in the future. Cannibal Pigs 'Eat Each Other Alive' at British Farm! Same Pigs are Supplied to Tesco.

When asked about eating human meat, he said that he’s open to the idea. And to mentally prepare oneself, he recommended that we begin by eating pets and insects.

How Can Cannibalism Save the Planet?

The exploding population problem can compound a food crisis in the future. Sourcing food from traditional farming and livestock may become difficult to feed so many mouths. In the face of an acute food shortage, humans may inevitably turn to cannibalism. So certain schools of climate scientists have been urging people to get used to the thought. Venezuelan Cannibal Kills Farmer, Eats His Flesh Before Painting With The Blood.

By sourcing "meat" from corpses, humans can plug food shortage in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. Plus, animal farming would entail clearing acres and acres of forest lands. And if more humans were to eat human flesh for sustenance, lesser trees will be cut.

Is Cannibalism A Good Solution for Climate Change?

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to cannibalism and it goes beyond squeamishness to sample human meat. Humans are not as nutritious as a pigs, cows or even poultry. So expecting a nutrition from eating your fellow humans could be futile.

Humans who eat humans are also at risk of developing prion disease. Prions are proteins that influence other proteins to become misshaped, causing neurological and developmental disabilities. The cannibal tribe of Papua New Guinea who eat their dead relatives were afflicted by a prion disease called kuru.