From Bad Breath to Hearing Impairment, 10 Bizarre Things That Happen To Your Body in an Airplane
Air Travel (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

It is the Holiday season and the hottest season for vacations. Then comes summer and soon many of us will find ourselves on-board aeroplanes heading towards adventures. While you might enjoy flying, some consider this means of transport very uncomfortable and prefer an alternative means of transportation. Well, there are reasons for this as some bizarre things happen to the body while travelling via plane. Read till the end to know how air travel affects you.

1. Your Legs Swell

Have you ever noticed your feet become bigger and wider when you are on a plane? Sometimes, it's even painful to put your tight shoes on to go to the bathroom. This happens because while you are on on-board, you can't walk freely and stretch your legs. All the lack of motion leads to blood stagnation in your legs, leading to swelling. To keep your legs from swelling, stretch your legs from time to time and walk up and down the aisle. But do all the activity when the 'fasten the seat belt' sign is off.

2. Your Taste In Food Change

Have you noticed any changes in your taste while flying? Researchers found that the brain areas for taste preferences work differently when you are in a plane. You might find yourself craving for tomato juice even if you have a really sweet tooth while on-board a plane. Travel Tip of the Week: Things You Must Carry For a Hassle-Free Long Road Trip

3. You Get Bad Breath

One of the most significant issues during flight is dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, you put less saliva that leads to the growth of bacteria and consequently, bad breath. You can avoid this by having a healthy meal before the flight and chewing peppermint gum. Also, drink lots of water to beat dehydration and remember carbonated drinks, juices and alcohol don't quench your thirst.

4. You Suffer From Skin Problems

You look fantastic before the flight, but then you glance in the mirror aboard a plane and notice some unpleasant changes on your face. You look tired, dull and even pale. That happens due to dehydration that also causes skin flaking and acne. Besides, the dry air on-board weakens your skin's protective layer. So carry some moisturising cream with you always. Top Travel Trends in 2020: From Slo-Mo Is the New #FOMO to Pet Friendly Hotels, a New Decade Ushers New Travel Needs

5. Your Head Spins

You may experience dizziness, nausea, and even vomiting during a flight. It happens because your body is stressed. To alleviate the symptoms, choose window seats near the wings. A few studies suggested that it helps to get rid of dizziness.

6. You Find It Difficult To Relieve Yourself

Lack of mobility can lead to flatulence and constipation. Plus, the long hours of sitting slow down metabolism and it is a common thing that occurs during a flight. To avoid this problem, cut down on calories before the plane and stretch your muscles from time to time. Low-Budget International Destinations to Visit in 2020: Instagram-Worthy Countries That Have a Low Currency Value than India

7. Your Hearing Weakens

Did you know that changes in pressure while you are in a plane may cause your ears to pop? You may just let it be, but the air will start pressing from inside, causing temporary hearing impairment and pain. Chewing gum will stimulate salivation and swallowing will let some air out.

8. You Feel a Sudden Toothache

Many air travellers also notice pain in their teeth during flights. It happens because of the difference in pressure. The air gets into the orifices and presses your teeth from the inside. To avoid this pain, visit your dentist before travelling to enjoy your flight without any pain. Going for Direct Flights May Help in Making Air Travel Sustainable

9. You Consume Harmful Bacteria

Despite all efforts by airlines to make the water on-board safe, most liquids served on-board, still contain harmful bowel bacteria. Drink only bottled water and stay away from tea, coffee and water from the sink to avoid infection. Also, the table is home for hundreds of bacteria, so don't let your food touch the table.

10. You Get Nervous

Even if you are not afraid of flights, you may become agitated or even angry on-board. This happens because you are not in control of your safety, and that makes you anxious. If you always feel tensed on board, an exciting book or a movie will help you cope with that.

How do you behave on board? Do you manage to stay calm or quickly get nervous? Do you like flying or prefer other means of transport? Did any funny or untoward incident happen to you on-board? Let us know in the comments below.