Low-Budget International Destinations to Visit in 2020: Instagram-Worthy Countries That Have a Low Currency Value than India
International Destinations that are cheaper than India (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

To witness the Northern lights or visit Switzerland's Alps range during winters is surely in everyone's bucket list. But you know that you need to really have a big stash of cash for that. What if you knew that you could visit international destinations from India where your basic bank balance would feel like that of the king's? Yes, there are several exotic countries around the world that don't need you to spend a bomb. While Europe currency difference may burn a hole in your pocket, certain countries' currency rate is way lower than that of India's. Owning Indian National Rupees will make you feel so much richer at certain international destinations.

With this year coming to an end, you might want to add to your bucket list a trip to one of these international destinations without having to sell your kidney. Celebrate with your family using just a handful of rupees, amidst these stunning views. And you'll only feel richer after exchanging your rupees to these places' currencies. These places are extremely exquisite and picturesque scenes that will be perfect for your Instagram.

International Destinations That Are Cheaper Than India


1 Indian Rupee equals 56.69 Cambodian riels. Isn't that crazy and you get to see heavenly views like this:


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Breath-taking beaches, mesmerising waterfalls, lush greenery and 1 Indian Rupee equals 89.80 Paraguayan Guarani, isn't that a DEAL? Still confused? Check this out!


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One of the countries in Southeast Asia, Laos has some amazing scenes and out there your 1 Indian Rupee will value 123.31 Laotian Kip so pack your bags, right away! View Pic:


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Sri Lanka

This beautiful island country is really cheap for Indian visitors. 1 Indian Rupee equals 2.52 Sri Lankan Rupee. Book a flight now! View Pic:


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1 Indian Rupee equals 196.31 Indonesian Rupiah! And views that will floor you in a minute. It is a steal! View pic:


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With the year 2020 just around the corner, you might want to include more and more tips into your bucket list to be able to explore different places in the world. Travelling doesn't make your Instagram look better but also refreshes your mind and soul.