Jokesters, it’s time to unleash gags, one-liners and jokes on to the world! It’s International Joke Day 2019. On July 1 every year, the world celebrates the day dedicated to jokes. The idea is to tickle funny bones by sharing a joke or two. And if you have been told that you should stop with your childish “knock, knock” jokes, here are reasons why you shouldn’t. Telling a joke may be good for the people who listen to them. No matter how lame, jokes have a way of lightening you up. And if you need more reassurance, here are 10 healthy reasons why you should tell a joke this International Joke Day and we ain’t kidding! Funny WhatsApp Forwards For International Joke Day 2019: Laugh Out Loud And Share These Hilarious Jokes To Celebrate The Day.

1. Reducing Stress

This one’s obvious. Laughter reduces stress. When you laugh, your stress hormone cortisol, responsible for anxiety, high blood pressure, stroke, etc., is reduced. You feel lighter and better after having a good laugh.

2. Reducing Anxiety

If someone you know is feeling anxious, crack a joke. While that’s no cure for anxiety, it can surely cause a dip in their stress hormone levels and make them feel better. A 1990 study in Psychological Reports states that laughter can reduce anxiety. Another one in Psychiatric Quarterly says that telling a joke can also reduce negative emotions.

3. Reducing Inflammation

When humans are stressed, the body releases cortisol – a fight or flight hormone – that helps you cope with the stressful situation. But in the long run, cortisol can cause problems of its own. Inflammation is one of them. Inflammatory conditions can cause acne, joint pain, autoimmune diseases and even cancer. Laughter can reduce stress, bringing down cortisol levels and reducing inflammation in the body.

4. Improving Oxygen Intake

Inadequate oxygen intake can impair the entire body. Without enough oxygen, you may experience shortness of breath, exhaustion and inadequate sleep. A good laughter session causes your lungs to expand, drawing in more oxygen. Funny Memes For International Joke Day 2019: A Walk down the Memory Lane to Our Classic Memes.

5. Keeping Heart Healthy

Laughter therapy is recommended to people who suffer from heart ailments by doctors. Laughing helps in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and improves artery health. By reducing inflammation in the body, laughter can also increase the production of good cholesterol in the body.  Funny Memes For International Joke Day 2019: A Walk down the Memory Lane to Our Classic Memes.

6. Burning Calories

Wondering whether to spend a fortune at the gym? Here’s a better idea. Read out some classic Whatsapp jokes in a group and laugh for 15 minutes every day. A 2014 study in the International Journal of Obesity states that laughter for approximately 10 minutes helped in torching 10 calories. Not bad for couch potatoes.

So the next time someone stops you from reading out that lame joke, tell them it’s for their own health. But “jokes” apart, a good laugh is all you need to keep your system running fine. So bring out your joke books and unleash some funnies on to the world. You will be doing them a huge favour this International Joke Day.

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