The world of eCommerce has created a unique universe in which any company can find itself at the forefront of its industry simply by knowing how and when to strike. While this is the case, opportunity does not equal execution and many companies lack the ability to capitalize on this era of golden opportunity. This is where Muunel has managed to make its mark in the eyecare industry through its most advanced blue light eyewear.

Muunel is an online retailer based in Copenhagen, Denmark selling prescription glasses & lenses, and blue light blocking glasses & lenses. In a short span of time, the company has managed to establish itself as one of the premier digital eyewear leaders in the market. It was founded by two friends who understand the negative effects of blue light, the damages that can come from it. One co-founder had in-depth experience with optical design and the other co-founder was a computer programmer.

They worked on creating a product that reaches clients who need blue light lenses to mitigate the harmful effects of blue life for those who spend several hours in front of blue light/computer monitors. They learned the value of building a digital presence and reach to masses. This is how Muunel was launched in 2019.

On their portal,, people can find information on not only the best products on the market, but also how to protect your vision, and the difference blue light glasses make. According to the Muunel website, once you start using the blue light lenses, you will be able to rest your eyes, you will fall asleep easier, and you won’t wake up during the night.

The Muunel lenses help clients mitigate the effects of blue light, creating an offering that reduces blue light exposure to help you combat the effects of blue light. With Muunel, you get a lens built on a passionate and knowledgeable response to the effects of blue light on your vision.


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As the world shifts more and more to one where “perception is reality”, companies like Muunel can play an incredibly powerful role in building out massively credible blue light lenses, with the need to match in the current digital times. Only time will be able to tell us what to expect of the future of the eyecare market. And whatever that future may hold, expect to see Muunel at the forefront of it.