Married couple, Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene and Frederick Kevbe Akpoghene recently launched their eBook Started in the DM: using social media to find ‘the one’ to share their advice for dating online. Several people inquired about how they met each other and were surprised to find that the answer was Instagram. This is the reason why Dawn and Frederick decided to tell their story and share the do’s and don’ts of finding love online. 

Many people take online dating with a grain of salt, mostly because social media is not always what it seems. Sometimes conversations are extremely underwhelming and never really blossom through or they are just bland interactions with no hopes of turning into something concrete.

The eBook highlights Dawn and Frederick’spersonal experiences; about how Frederick approached Dawn, though she never paid much attention to the men being friendly in her DMs. However, she decided to give it a chance and let it change her life forever. Her fresh perspective allowed her to put her guard down and engage in a conversation with Frederick (her now husband). 

Undoubtedly, online dating can be extremely awkward, draining, and not to mention dangerous. There are several mistakes that people can make while venturing through dating applications and online dating websites which is why it is extremely important to understand the basic rules and address specific tips and time-saving strategies for online dating. 

Through this eBook, Dawn and Frederick highlight several tips and techniques about how to do well in the online dating game. They give tips such as how one should/can:

  • create an attractive profile to find someone that aligns with them
  • catch his or her attention 
  • engage them in conversations 
  • going out on a date in real life 
  • building a relationship and more 

Being both Entrepreneurs, , they felt it was important to write about how online dating is for individuals who have ventured into entrepreneurship. Even though there is a lot of advice out there, the strategies mentioned in this eBook are tailored for entrepreneurs. The goal is to dissect the online reading process and teach the audience how to succeed in finding love online without sacrificing too much time and attention. 

Through Started in the DM, entrepreneurs can pursue online dating without struggling with that work-life balance, maintaining a self-care practice, or turning the ‘business off’ and ‘personal on’ in social settings. A grave mistake that entrepreneurs can make is allowing their busy work schedule to take over their self-care practices. This is something that stops them from socializing and can be very offensive to potential partners. There is no doubt that the lack of self-care and availability can push people away and hinder any development between you and an online match. 

This eBook is capable of teaching its audience a plethora of tips and methods for successful online dating. This includes basic mistakes, and what not to do as well as getting started the right way. Knowing what one wants is extremely essential because it helps to minimize the time spent with incompatible people. The book teaches you how to read the headlines, bio, caption, interests, and about searching their profiles as a screening process.

It is important to realize that paying close attention to dating platforms can highlight several red flags immediately and save people a lot of headaches and heartache in the long run. Similarly, getting your profile right is extremely crucial to impress your potential online match. 

According to a study from Princeton, humans decide if they are attracted to someone in less than one second of seeing them which is why first impressions absolutely matter! Dawn suggests that it is imperative to get the three components of your personal profile absolutely spot on, which includes the profile photo, the description, as well as the supporting images that tell your story. 

Apart from starting with the right steps, DM do's and don'ts, and the things that turn potential online matches on and off, the book emphasizes how important it is to move offline if the potential online match is someone you are willing to pursue. It is especially important to understand that online dating is not actually dating, the online platform is just a tool to help people date in real life. It is not reasonable to assume that someone can fall in love with you online if your goal is to have a real relationship. 

In terms of moving offline, the book is filled with advice about having friendly conversations, how to get over the initial awkwardness, saving yourself from scams, false signals, and impersonators, as well as how to ask your crush out. Just like the perfect wingman, this eBook allows you to have a myriad of information about how to have a great date and impress your potential life partner.

Most people assume that dating is easy, and you could just go out to meet a stranger and simply connect. However, this method leads to a lot of failed dates. It is imperative that you focus on planning and executing a great date to highlight your interest and efforts.

Once you successfully overcome the first date scenarios, what builds a relationship is how well you both can move up the ladder. The book suggests that it's a game that you get better at as time goes on. As you go on dates repeatedly, you will be able to understand the different areas that you have to work on in terms of personal skills and conversations. 

This part of the eBook focuses on meeting friends and family, traveling, and going on adventures together as well as key points on keeping your relationship private. Having a beautiful long-term relationship is not easy and too much interference from outsiders tends to suffocate those in the relationship. Other than this, relationship work-life balance is also extremely important. Through the support of this eBook, the audience can learn how to successfully balance their work-life by implementing ideas such as facing mistakes and issues head-on with their partner, talking about their finances, communicating through difficult conversations, being unconditionally supportive, and sharing household duties. Most importantly, learning to exercise patience.

The Couple saw this as an opportunity to share their experience with those who have been in similar positions and didn’t have a point of reference as to how to navigate conversations that could lead to relationships or not.