Nida is a well-established influencer of Pakistani descent with over a million TikTok  followers and 300,000 Instagram followers. She takes her social channels very  seriously where she is her own brand, promoting her favourite things such as her  skincare regimen, her outfit choices and more. She earned Juris Doctorate in May  of 2015 and was part of the sorority Phi Alpha Delta. 

Her previous Instagram account was “theofficialnida”, we are privileged to speak with her today! 

What are your goals as an influencer? 

I want to bring light on the injustices around the world, providing fun &authentic  product reviews, and contagiously share positivity with my followers. I have a few  really cool projects Iʼm working on, which I know my followers are eagerly waiting  for me to drop. More on that later this year! One of my biggest goals as an  influencer & lawyer is to open up my own non-profit organization to help women in  need. 

Iʼve personally worked with many womenʼs shelters in Los Angeles where I go in to  help women with their job applications, to help understand legal court documents,  help with child custody issues, etc. the biggest issue Iʼve noticed is that these  women face discrimination based on their wardrobe and appearance. So I also help them with makeup, skincare, donated clothes, etc. The goal is for  these women to have a fair chance in front of the judge those presiding over their  child custody, or the office manager looking to hire someone reliable. With that  goal in mind, I want to create a sort of “safe space” for women to have their  necessities met and reform the communities from within. I want to empower  people through my platform in any capacity possible. 

Where did you grow up and how has it impacted your character and  personality? 

As an immigrant, no place really felt like home to me. I was born in the United Arab  Emirates, middle/high school between Kansas City & Torrance, undergrad in  Kansas City, law school in Florida, and Iʼm currently in Los Angeles. The constant  change in places, people, and surrounding environments helped me understand  the socio-economic status around the world and motivated me to give back. Hence, even though I was pursuing a legal career, I loved sharing my life on social  media with my followers; it felt like the only constant in my life. I want to motive  young women around the world to continue dreaming the unimaginable, to evolve  into their full potential, to dare the world with their existence. I want to normalize  women using marijuana to help alleviate anxiety or other similar struggles they  face. 

I want to see a world where no limitations are placed over a person for how they  identify themselves. I want to build a world for equal opportunity, where the only 

thing that matters is how hard you work, not what you look like. Itʼs were important  for me to speak out on taboo topics. 

Iʼve has been in search of the meaning of“home” all my life until I passed the  California Attorneyʼs license exam. After years of failing and struggling, CA gave  me an opportunity beyond an immigrantʼs imagination! The first place to make me  believe in my struggles. I want to be that motivation for other girls around the  world. 

Define your brand & who you are? 

Iʼm a source of light, bright energy full of positivity. My brand is very colourful.  Mostly related to the beauty world where I try out different makeup &skincare  products. I also love exploring different cities and try out food thatʼs worth the  

hype. Iʼm a huge advocate of normalizing women using marijuana, so I focus on  cannabis-related content as well. I try to inspire, more than influence. I show  people my life and allow them to see a perspective outside their norm. What does it take to get hundreds of thousands of people to follow  you and become interested in your brand? 

Iʼm is very true to my identity. Growing up as a Muslim Pakistani in the US meant  being made fun of for having henna on the hands for Eid celebration, or explaining  why your mom packed you chicken tikka masala for lunch instead of getting  cafeteria food like the rest of the kids. 

All of those things that I now witness as being labelled “trendy”. So as an adult, I  very quickly realized that my truest self is the only version I want to be. I try to  unapologetically be my true authentic self. I believe thatʼs the key to why  thousands of people follow me. 

What is your dream collaboration? 

I live for Ariana grande. She is such a strong independent role model for women  and the entertainment industry. I cannot wait to someday collaborate with her in  any capacity! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I want to run my own legal practice in real estate & entertainment law, I want to  have a few different real estate companies, I want to be the CEO of my beauty  brand, I want to open a non-profit organization for women, and plant water wells in  countries of need. I hope to serve back to my community in any way I can! What are your favourite brands that youʼve worked with so far? I love working with sugar bear hair, which was one of the very first brands I  collaborated with as an influencer, and years later, we still have a strong working  relationship. I love working with small indie brands because I really like to assist  with small-business awareness. Working with Instagram was so beneficial and  amazing, to be able to access creator tips & tricks from the direct source has been  such a blessing.