First dates are experiments that you possibly cannot fail at. It can turn out to be a terrible, miserable experience for the other person if you act like a jerk during your first date. There are a certain set of ground rules that are applicable to one and all when it comes to going on first dates. What are those? Let’s take a look at 10 first date mistakes that are simply unforgivable and should be avoided at all costs.

1. Getting too personal – its blasphemy to ask personal details when you’re meeting someone for the first time. Understand that first dates are all about being casual and having a good time, that’s all.

2. Arriving late for the date – This is the first time you’re going to be meeting them so value their time and yours. If you’ve decided on a time, stick to it because the other person would have their own schedule too.

3. Faking it – One of the worst mistakes to commit on a first date would be to not be yourself. If you try to fake it and pretend who you’re not, you’re only going to put them off.

4. Are you being too pushy – This refers to a lot of things. Being pushy about their life, work or ex relationships can prove to be a major disaster!

5. Eye contact – One of THE most important things irrespective of whether it is your first date or umpteenth, is eye contact. Don’t look elsewhere when they’re talking. Eye contact means you’re being attentive and that, my friend, is a key to have a healthy relationship/ equation.

6. Table etiquettes – Basic table manners are mandatory! You cannot be eating shabbily, spilling wine and food all over you and the table if you’re meeting them for the first time. First dates are all about leaving an impression in the first go and if you really wish to continue dating this person, you gotta behave well!

7. Passive-aggressive – Nagging just doesn’t work. Don’t be passive-aggressive about issues not on the first date, neither on the hundredth!

8. Being self-critical – Making fun of yourself could be ok for some but you cannot be self-critical throughout. If you don’t love yourself, there’s no chance anyone else can.

9. Staying glued to the cell phone – When you’re on your date and using your phone all throughout, it only means one thing – that you’re disinterested! So, be courteous and leave your mobile phone aside and try having a pleasant conversation with your date.

10. Gossiping – Gossiping or bad-mouthing someone else is downright disrespectful. Talk about your hobbies, ambitions, goals or your favourite pastime but gossip!

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