The key to having a healthy relationship is honesty, loyalty, respect, trust and GOOD sex. Bad sex can leave you and your partner frustrated and unhappy. It may not have to be great but having basic, minimalistic expectations from your partner in bed isn’t wrong at all. Now imagine this – You have a great relationship, a partner who understands you, is supportive of you and loves you in and out. But, what if he doesn’t satisfy you in bed? While some people prefer walking away from a partner who is bad at sex, some do prefer to stay and work it out. If you belong to the latter, then it’s time you try out these different tricks and ideas to help make the sex better. Sex Query of the Week: I Don't Enjoy Sex With My Boyfriend, What Do I Do?

Spice up the Foreplay

Foreplay plays a crucial role here. Giving him or her an orgasm isn’t as easy as it sounds. It does require a lot of effort and foreplay to get them to climax. Also, foreplay gives you and your partner a chance to experiment. You both get to know about each other erogenous spots, what turns them on and do things accordingly. Knowing each other’s preferences in bed can help boost sex life immensely. Can Your Vagina be Too Tight? Here’s What Makes Sex Painful for You.

Sex education

Either of you or both of you could be bad at sex and there’s nothing wrong in that. Except that it’s eventually going to affect your equation and your intimacy with your partner. So, work on it collectively. Read up on books and articles on the internet on how to make it spicier and better. A little bit of sex education can help improve your sex life by leaps and bounds.

Try different positions

The usual sex positions can be boring at times. To make it more fun and interesting, try different sex positions. Roleplay can also be tried in bed with the two of you trying to seduce each other in bed.

Always remember, eventually it all boils down to communication. If you have been feeling lately that the sex is not up to the mark, approach your partner and tell them how you feel. Don’t degrade them or demotivate them as calling it ‘bad’ sex can be hugely embarrassing and humiliating. Find a way to talk to your partner maturely about it, in a way that they’re not offended or demoralised.

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