If you are bored of the bedroom, you would want to move on to the bathroom for some spicy sex. But it may not be the best option as water is not a lubricant and you always have that chance to slip and fall during shower sex. However, with a few tips, you can make your shower sex extremely hot and sensual. Plus, if you have kids always running around at home, hopping in the shower can be a great way to fit in some interruption-free, one-on-one time with spouse. Here's how you can make shower sex hotter and safer.

1. Use a Non-Slip Bathmat

If you do not have a bathmat, add one now! Use a rubber bathmat with suction cups to feel the foot traction during sex. It will protect you from slipping, and you do not have to worry about not reaching the climax.

2. Go to the Shower Room when You are Completely Turned On

With all the space crunch, foreplay is not easy in the shower. So have some playtime in the bedroom and when you are stimulated, have that steamy sex in the bathroom. Shower Sex to Sexting, Priyanka Chopra Jonas Never Shies Away From Giving Juicy Deets of Her Sex Life.

3. Mind your Leg Position

When your body overheats, your muscles can get lax. While it is not very common, you need to be extra-cautious, and make sure your and your partner's knees are never locked out for maximum stability. Morning Sex Is the Best Sex, Here's How to Make It Hotter.

4. Point the Shower Towards Your Legs

Angle the showerhead in such a way that it hits against your and your partner's backs, chests, and legs. It should not point directly to the face and chest and hit your genitals. It can also create more friction and fun.

5. Use Soap to Heat Things Up

Take some super foamy soap and explore each other's bodies through gentle touching and massaging with the soap. This relaxing activity can be incredibly intimate and fun. Hot Masturbation Tips for Men: From Positions to Toys, Here's What To Do For an Intense Orgasm Without Having Sex!

Do not forget to wash up after the activity. You still need to be mindful of safety and personal hygiene, and that includes using your condom.

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