Sexy Vampire Fangs Is The Spookiest Nail Art Trend That YOU HAVE TO TRY This Halloween! (View Pics)
Halloween Nails (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Come October and we can hardly wait for Halloween, the spookiest day of the year. Although it is a holiday associated with the scariest things like, Bats, carved pumpkins, bloody everything, skeletons, scarecrows, witches with broomsticks, etc. you know well that it is awesome. However, nothing beats decking up for the Halloween night in whatever costume you like. The most popular ones surely have to be Cat, Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, the Vampires, Eleven from Stranger Things, the Flinstones, Wednesday from the Adams Family, The NUN, Pennywise, etc. but what gives an extra sexy edge to your costume? Amazingly done nails, right? When it comes to nail art for Halloween, you need to get a little more creative while not making it look ugly(I mean, you can if you want to).

There are various ways you can groom your nails on Haloween but the best one that has already started to trend online are the vampire fang nails.  This includes making your nails look like they are vampires' teeth. The fangs can be created by the first and last finger. You can give an effect of blood dripping off the fangs by using red nail paint.  Here are some of the best vampire fangs Halloween nails for October 31. Check pictures:

Easy and quick to do


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You Have To Try This Out


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This Looks Cutely Spooky


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Would You Give This A Shot?


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This is not it, you can also try "Halloween boobs". The trend is taking over Instagram and How.  Just like last Halloween we saw different versions of Halloween boob decoration styles like the viral skull boobs. So many creative minds thought of pumpkin boobs/butt and bat butt Halloween styles. Last year, people went super crazy about skull boob that was going viral all over the internet. You'll not believe, but the daring look is still super popular. Halloween boobs is the name given to creatively decorating your boobs in a spooky way instead of experimenting with costumes.