Sweden Employers Introduce Exercise at Work, 5 Reasons How it Boosts Productivity of Employees
Photo Credit: Unsplash.com

Sitting for long hours at work can be dangerous for you, even if you exercise. At such a time, employers in Sweden has introduced mandatory exercise at work. Pushing the idea, many employers in Sweden is making on-the-job exercise compulsory for their employees. All of the staffs have to workout and there is no backing out of it. Following the regime, employees at fashion and sportswear retailer Bjorn Borg have been heading to their nearby gym at the company's Stockholm headquarters every Friday. It is the initiative of the company's 44-year-old chief executive Henrik Bunge.

"If you don't want to exercise or be a part of the company culture, you have to go. So far no one has quit because of the requirement." The main aims of the policy are to boost productivity and profitability while promoting good bonding in the workforce. It also makes all the employee feel they are equal.

Here is why working out in the workplace is beneficial:

1.Improved Productivity

Engaging in workplace workouts increases employee productivity and performance. People feel motivated and energised to do work post workouts. Coupled with good eating habits, it can also help keep your health in check.

2.Builds Community

Bonding is an important thing for workplace management. Employees with a good professional bond with each other, perform well. Workplace exercise can be a wellness program that motivates employees to engage more at work. It also helps keep the social health of the office in check.

3.Less Stress

High-stress jobs affect the mental health of the employee which in return can disturb the productivity of the company. Activities including workouts or other exercises can help reduce stress and make the person feel fresh at work.

4.Sense of accomplishment

Workout programs can promote good conversations among employees. It can increase healthy competition and make co-workers set targets among themselves. The tasks could be wellness habits or official duties.

5.Weight in check

Getting up on your feet will majorly burn that extra fat in your body. While most working individuals complain about not having enough time for gyms, these workouts will ensure you never have to complain about missing out on gym sessions and utilise rest of the time in office productively.

A study by University of Stockholm study also proved that exercising during the workday was advantageous. It said that it good for both employees and employer. Sweden is known for their healthy lifestyle which includes a lot of outdoor activities. Taking walks is almost a part of their daily lives. Most Swedish companies subsidize their employees' sporting activities which are tax-deductible for the employer.