Harlech’s Ffordd Pen Llech Is the Steepest Street in the World, Watch Video of New Guinness Record Holder Street in North Wales
Harlech’s Ffordd Pen Llech Is the Steepest Street in the World (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ Twitter)

A Street in North Wales has been declared as the steepest in the world. The Welsh seaside town of Harlech has taken the crown of Guinness World Record with its street, Fford Pen Llech of being at a gradient of 37 percent, two percent steeper than the previous record holder in New Zealand. The result has come after a campaign by the residents which is led by entrepreneur and architectural historian, Gwyn Headley. A video of the steepest street in the world has captivated the netizens and this record is expected to attract tourists in the coming days. Guinness World Record of Tallest Tower of Cupcakes Created in Chennai. 

The steepest street record was earlier held by Baldwin Street in Dunedin, a city on New Zealand’s South Island, which has a gradient of 35 percent. Its record has attracted tourists from around the world. Well, this would be the second major blow that the country would face after the recent Cricket World Cup 2019 loss. Locals in Harlech, claimed that Fford Pen Llech Street was even steeper. They led an inspection by an independent surveyor on June 6, 2019, who verified the gradient of 37 percent. Most Valuable Lip Art! Lips Encrusted With 126 Diamonds Costing Rs 3.78 Crore Earns Guinness World Records Title. 

Watch Video of Fford Pen Llech Street  

The world’s steepest street runs past the medieval Harlech Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is lined with houses, a shop, a park, a laundry service and a restaurant. To qualify for the Guinness World Steepest Street title, a road must be a public thoroughfare, fully paved and contain buildings running alongside it. The new title which has already gained publicity on social media is expected to bring in lots of tourist to the beautiful town.