Planning Your Holidays? These are the Best Pictured Indian Tourist Destinations on Instagram
Holiday destinations in India (Photo credits: Instagram/bodhannayek, Instagram/dharaclicks and Instagram/naturehillsnursery)

Right from the onset of the summer holidays, people begin to make holiday plans. A retreat that takes you away and refreshes you is a must every year, no matter what the season. And if you are just as glued to social media, then you would obviously want a picturesque location, one that you could flaunt on your Instagram and Facebook. Travel pictures have become an essential of entire travelling experience. A lot of people out there do not mind flaunting the beauty of the place and in a way even inspire others to head out there. The millennial generation especially loves the hashtag wanderlust and some already have their poses decided at a particular tourist spot. Pose or no pose, today we tell you some of the scenic and breathtaking places in the country, which will give you some best photos for your Instagram feed.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand: 

Flowers make such props and what better than a bed of flowers in every direction you look? The Valley of Flowers is a trek in Uttarakhand, but the views are all worth the effort. There are over hundreds of species of flora and fauna and it is no less than a feeling of a paradise. This grand spread of beautiful flowers will leave you spellbound for sure.

Colonies in Pondicherry:

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If you love the colonial and lazy feels of Goa, then Pondicherry is a good option. The French colonies and the calming colours will add in the beauty to your pictures. The place is soothing when it comes to relaxation and will offer you many subtle frames with all European feels to pose in front of.

The Ganges river bank at Varanasi:

Varanasi is the oldest living cities in the country and visiting the Ganges river banks is an experience in itself. The sages, the rituals and the entire vibe in the air alongside the ghats here will fill you with a certain feeling of enlightenment. The aarti of the river is a ritual not to be missed because it will give you those brilliant pictures!

Palaces of Jaipur:

If you love royalty in architecture than Jaipur will not disappoint. The palaces here have coloured windows and extensive structure which will give you frames every time you just point your camera. Some palaces are so well-maintained that you'd definitely feel like living here at least once.

The Ruins of Hampi:

Hampi has a lot of ruins but these are not to be dismissed as ruins! The ancient structures of the Vijayanagara dynasty are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautifully ornate designs and carvings on the temples here are something you'd like to zoom in and admire.

Deserts of Jaisalmer:

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If you love the setting of a golden sunset then Jaisalmer deserts serve the perfect backdrop. get a lot of silhouettes of the camels and capture yourself in those, the desert beauty deserves one visit at least. The weather here can go extreme so plan your trip well. The winters are the best time to experience the desert sun as well as the cold.

Coastal beauty of Andamans:

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Beaches in your frame have never reduced the beauty and the ones in the Andaman Islands will only be enhancing. The beaches here boast of cleanliness and white sands, ensuring your pretty frames. Catch a sunset or a sunrise, these pictures will make up to some of your wallpapers.

White sand in Kutch: 

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The white sand in Rann of Kutch with the setting of a full moon is a picture that is bound to get a lot of likes! The Kutch festival held here every year is a good time to visit and indulge in the fun activities by the desert.

Nature's bounty at North East: 

The North Eastern part of the country is not so popular as a travel destination but it is the one that offers the best of both, the mountains and the water bodies. The waterfalls or the living root bridges, the caves or the crystal clear lakes, every place in Northeast is nature's bounty of wonderful treasures. As a tourist, you will also be exposed to the culture of the people here and relive it.

The Plains of Ladakh:

You must have seen the beautiful Pangong lake landscape on your Instagram feed a number of times. And if you still haven't been there yet, then it is time you finally do! Ladakh offers beautiful plains with snowcapped mountain backgrounds, some deserted landscapes and of course the lovely Pangong lake.

There are many other tourist spots in the country which are just as beautiful but in the above list, we have tried to accommodate a mix of architecture, natural beauty and diversity of cultures. Head to these destinations and click some of the best travel pictures you could upload to enhance your social platform's travel diary. Do let us know any other equally pretty destinations that you know of in the country.