Looks like, there is no moment of respite for our vaginas as different "vaginal cleansing products" keep being manufactured by companies who are bent upon reinstating that the vagina requires chemical products to be cleaned. Time and again, gynaecologists have made it a point to clarify that our vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and that periods are natural. One doesn't need to frantically clean it with soap or other fragranced products BUT companies come up with uniquely absurd items labelled "Feminine hygiene products". The latest one to join the clan is a start-up, called Blossom Brush Inc selling a vagina brush that women can use during their period to “remove residual blood and debris”. The product has been criticised by experts of social and finally it is off the website which means it won't be sold anymore to people. Thank god.

The products looks like a weird comb and tongue scraper cross and it was being sold claiming that it would  “help a woman feel more fresh and make her period more manageable”.  Twitter-popular gynaecologists who has always spoken against such absurd product,  Dr Jen Gunter, shared a screengrab of the post by Blossom Brush Inc. She captioned it with:  “Every day it seems as if someone comes up with a new and thoroughly unnecessary, yet harmful vaginal cleaning product marketed as empowerment. I present to you today’s entry.” Check Tweet:

In a follow-up tweet, she added: “The vagina isn’t a cupboard.” The product was accused of reinforcing ideas that “periods are dirty”. The criticism caused the team at Blossom Brush Inc to post a statement on their social media channels where they tried to save the damage done by saying that it was made with “good intentions”.  "We do not believe that any person has a ‘dirty’ vagina and we wish to work with the gynaecological community and people who have periods to understand how to appropriately provide women with a new choice in their menstrual management," they said.  The statement further read, "The benefits have included less usage of tampons and a reduction in the number of days a woman required feminine hygiene products".


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