Most of us, often ignore the Red Flags in a relationship and go on to date the wrong person until we finally meet the right one! However, before you think you’ve found your Mr Right, it’s important that you don’t ignore these “Green Flags” while taking things forward. We all have our own flaws and imperfections and so does your partner. But, if he has the following qualities in him, ladies, you gotta know that he is for keeps! So, what are the green flags in a relationship? What are the healthy signs of dating? Let’s find out. Dating a Younger Man: Everything Women Should Know Before Committing To Someone Younger.

He’s funny

Who isn’t attracted to a great sense of humour? Ladies, if he can make you laugh, on your worst days, you know this guy is something! Of course, there’s a thin line between being funny and insensitive and if he is the former and not the latter, you ought to hold on to him.

He is polite

If a guy is genuinely polite with not just you, but with a waiter in a restaurant too, you know you’ve found a gem of a person. Humility and kindness are the two most important factors that help shape the character of a person. If he inherits politeness and kindness, do not take him for granted, ever.

If you see signs of maturity, he is for keeps!

Is he mature enough to understand where you’re coming from, in times of difficulties? If he is understanding enough of your situations, of your work pressures and personal equations, he is for keeps! The fact that he is mature enough to give you your space and understand your life, your shortcomings, your priorities means that he can handle things quite well.

He is ready to commit

The most important bit is whether he is ready to commit. To dedicate yourself to a serious relationship takes balls and if he is gutsy enough to commit to you, he is definitely the one for you!

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