Despite the climate of the economy, whether weak or strong, one industry that continues to prove its power is the luxury watch sector. With the prestige and history of brands like Rolex continuing to appreciate, today, the trends of luxury watches are often influenced by popularity and even social media. Thanks to the trends set by celebrities and prominent figures on Instagram and in pop culture, now more than ever, consumers are eager to get their hands on a Rolex, no matter the cost. 

And in recent months, Rolex sport models and larger-faced models like Date just 41’s and Daytona’s have taken the industry by storm, triggering a significant demand within the market. And what’s been most notable in the luxury watch industry is not so much the price and value of the timepieces, but rather availability and how to get your hands on the hottest models. One luxury watch retailer has been known for its ability to remain nimble, adapting to the ever-changing trends and changing markets with availability and global connections to sourcing these hard-to-find watches. Introducing Watch Trading Co.

In a market that only continues to boom, Watch Trading Co. clientele have seen first-hand how their purchases are not just indulgences, but rather investments. With consumers now able to sell their watches for more than what they bought it for, Rolex and Audemars Piguet sport model watches are the prominent leader in luxury watches, staking their claim as “must-have” watches,” so much so that even if the market were to drop, the value of the watch itself is still well over its original value. For instance, in today’s market, the premiums of certain dial colors and configurations are the biggest trends with all gold watches and Datejust 41’s being most popular. Across the market, there are different trends for the dial variations and some have a higher premium than others, whether it’s in the U.S. or abroad.

“In today’s market, we have to follow the markets globally,” says Watch Trading Co. “We do not just pull prices out of the air. Instead, they are all based on different trends around the world. What’s interesting in the watch industry is that everyone focuses on such a small market that they misinterpret and misunderstand the magnitude and size of the global market. Watches trend in one place more than others whether it’s because of its metal combination, bezel style, bracelet style, dial combination or currency exchange rate. The market truly changes week to week based on these factors.”

Unlike any other type of luxury product or accessory on the market, Rolex watch prices appreciate with time, proving just how smart of an investment they are. With availability to a wide range of gorgeous, unworn and/or pre-owned Rolex watches, Watch Trading Co. is known for their ability to stay on top of watch trends with a selection that caters to what’s popular and in demand. As consumers have proven how eager the market is to simply possess the Rolex brand itself, Watch Trading Co. continues to emerge as a premier destination for purchasing luxury watches.