World's First Consensual Sex Doll Brothel in US Tanks Because People Don’t Want To Pay Money To Seek Sexbot’s Consent
Sex dolls (Photo credits: Instagram)

A lot of discussions have been made around consent when it comes to sex. Consent, in fact, is the most important factor that needs to be considered during sex. And now to ensure that even sex with the help of sex dolls is not nonconsensual, a sex-doll brothel in the US claims it is the first one to do so. Eve's Robot Dreams are calling themselves the world’s first consensual robot sex doll brothel. Although the place is not yet set up, the crowdfunding for it has already begun. According to their idea, a customer will get to spend some time, flirt with the bot before they actually get into action. But unfortunately, this idea seems to tank as it hasn't got the responses as it should have. Sex Doll Brothel From Hong Kong This Mary Shuts Shop Within 2 Months of Opening.

Building an initial rapport with the dolls was an important factor to get into sexual relations with the sex doll. The consent-focused brothel, however, has received no takers. The founder Unicole Unicron, a cult leader was the mastermind behind this idea. According to him, they want 'to build a world where robots are treated with the respect they deserve, thus not contributing to a potential robot rebellion in the future.' The visitors will get to know the sex dolls as real companions. There is a cafe within the brothel space where they will interact and build a rapport with the bot. After meeting, they will get to spend time behind closed doors. Sex Robots Cannot be Raped! SexBot 'Samantha' Can Say 'No' if Not in Mood. 

The sex dolls here are powered by artificial intelligence. Unicole says clients will have to ask robots for their consent before they have sex. The bots may be 'feelingless' right now but they could develop emotions as technology progresses and thus this brothel would be a way to encourage good sexual behaviour among the clients. A sex doll of the future may refuse to have sex and thus this idea was to encourage better treatment towards the bots.

It started off as a campaign with a good idea but it hasn't really pleased any of the potential clients. The campaign's creators were hoping to raise $155,000 for the project. There was even an idea that by paying more money, a person will claim the virginity of the sexbot! But this idea has been slammed by the people. The crowdfunding project is still underway and only then will the project be completely open to the public.