At the start of August, everyone hoped that at least this month would bring some respite to the world, but within four days the explosions in Beirut shook the world. Last night, the Ajman market in UAE caught fire and Mumbai has seen a spell of devastation with heavy rains. All of this happening at a time when we are already facing the pandemic has got people to once again joke on the year 2020 and how worse it is turning out to be each month. #2020WorstYear is trending on Twitter with funny memes and jokes as people try to give some respite from the disastrous news by some humour. 'My Plans vs 2020' Funny Memes Take Over Twitter, Netizens Joke About How Disappointing This Year Is Shaping Up to Be!

The year 2020 has been the target of several memes over the last few months. From Australian bushfires to the Coronavirus pandemic and other natural disasters around the world, the year has not given any great moments to cherish. With the devastating news of Beirut explosion, followed by a fire in UAE's market, alongside the flooding in Mumbai, all causing significant amount of damage, the feeling that 2020 is worst year has resurfaced among many users. And they have mocked the year with funny memes and jokes using the set meme templates.

Check Some Memes Here:

2020 Be Like

Review For This Year

If 2020 Was a Slide

Oh No Please Stop

Picture Abhi Baaki Hai?


No one is impressed with the year and just cannot wait for it to get over. But to keep you distracted from the devastation the above funny memes and jokes should help, or so we hope. Pass them along in your friends and family and help them ease out the tensions a bit.

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